10 Tips For Selling Your Home

The bullet is through the church; you are going to sell your house. With these ten valuable tips, you can start preparing today. Move Inn Estates is an established independent property consultancy that offers residential lettings and property management across the West London region. You can contact them for your work.

1.  Freshen up your walls. You may like

that dark red wall – but that does not mean that everyone will like it. Increase your chances of selling by painting your walls white. That is a relatively small investment with a direct result: it also makes your house look more spacious.

2.  Invest smart

Selling your house with a new bathroom or kitchen may seem like an increase in the chances of a sale, but it is also an excellent way to go wrong. Both a bathroom and kitchen are sensitive to taste. Do you still want to make a significant investment? Then invest in the roof, the gutter, the exterior painting, or the central heating boiler.

3.  Storage options

Who is not looking for a lot of storage space? Potential buyers too, but they cannot see through your closet contents. Show what storage space your house has and store items elsewhere until the home is sold.

4.  One empty cupboard

Make sure that one cupboard in your house is empty. You use that cupboard to quickly store all things that are still lying around at the last minute. Such as toys, the newspaper, and the iPad. This way, your house is proof for viewing again within half an hour.

5.  Light sells

You prefer to have your house photographed when it is sunny. Then the house looks good both outside and inside, and the light is optimal. Don’t forget: light sells. Therefore, open your curtains as far as possible, empty your windowsills, and use lamps where possible.

6.  Be critical of your photos.

Don’t let every corner of your house be photographed; the potential buyer should be curious and have a reason to view the home.

7.  Don’t turn your house into a crime scene. Empty

the coats from the coat rack, all the family photos from the walls, bathroom, and kitchen. A tidy home is always a good idea, but you can also overdo it. Do not turn your home into a crime scene and make sure that there is still something of life to see. Get rid of personal items from your home as much as possible, but a painting on the wall is fine.

8.  Add a little personality.

Have you stripped your home of as many of your items as possible (step 7)? Then the trick is to give back a little bit of personality. A tidy house can feel uncomfortable again. Add life in the form of many flowers on the table and a few colorful cushions on the sofa.

9.  Tidy up your outdoor space

Whether you have a garden, roof terrace, or balcony: it is essential that you prepare it for viewing. Clean your garden furniture, put cozy cushions on it, provide your outdoor space with a few new plants in pots (you can also move them), and remove weeds between the tiles. Do you have a front yard? It is the main thing that the potential buyer sees. Therefore, make sure that it is neatly arranged.

10.  Let your neighbors choose their neighbors.

Are you in a neighborhood WhatsApp group, or are you a member of a Facebook page for your neighborhood? Take advantage of this quick contact and be one of the first to inform the neighbors about your sales plans. Under the guise of ‘choose your neighbor,’ you give the neighbors a chance to ask around in their circles.

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