1000MostCommonWords.com Updates Website with New Wordlist and New Languages

An Extensive Database Offering 1000 Most Commonly Used Words in Regular Conversations for Faster and Easier Learning

1000MostCommonWords.com is pleased to share that they have updated the database with new wordlist and new languages. These words are more scientifically chosen so that people have the best list of common words used in everyday life. Whether it is for a hobby to learn a new language or because a new job demands it, this wordlist will surely speed up the learning process. The database has the most number of languages when compared to similar online sources. From the most common languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, and Hindi to other languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Sanskrit, Korean, Turkish, Filipino, and many others, one can find their favorite language here and start their journey towards learning a new language and become an expert in no time.

The 1000 most common words are provided with meaning in English. For those who want to learn a language faster, the site recommends those users try Mondly, considered the world’s best scientific language app, especially for Spanish. They have more than 2000 daily Spanish lessons designed to help learners have their first conversation in this language within minutes. The app has been used by more than 80 million people from over 190 countries. The app also offers game-based learning modules which enable users to quickly grasp useful phrases. The challenging games help them memorize the words.

There is another app called uTalk, which helps people learn other languages from different parts of the world. The app covers more than 2500 words and phrases and 60+ topics covering everyday situations. Challenging games and interactive lessons make it easy for people to learn, memorize and use the same. More than 30 million people use this app to learn new languages. These days people are watching international dramas and television series on OTTs.

Although they are available in dubbed versions and in subtitles, the joy of watching them in the original language cannot be compared to any. From Korean dramas to Turkish shows and Hindi soaps to Spanish series, one can learn the language faster and enjoy these shows in their original language. These apps allow users to practice real conversations, listen to native speakers, and solidify their knowledge with the help of a unique repetition system. The paid memberships offer detailed lesson plans and are highly beneficial for faster learning.

To learn more visit https://1000mostcommonwords.com/top-languages/

About 1000 Most Common Words

1000 Most Common Words was started in 2014 as a platform to help people learn new languages. More than 100 language experts worldwide have come together to create thousands of words in major languages. The words featured are the most common words used during regular conversation. This is the best way to learn or understand a language faster. The list can be accessed through iOS and Android devices.



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