A Pinch of Journey.com Merges with Mattersofthebelly.com

It aims to offer a wealth of traditional, healthy, and family-friendly recipes for food lovers.

APinchofAdventure.com is pleased to share that they have acquired MattersOfTheBelly.com to expand their food blogging space. Matters of the Belly was started by Noha, an avid traveler and food enthusiast who loves exploring new cultures and cuisines. Noha has been blogging for almost five years now and comes with a decent following and support from the readers. Emily, the founder of the food blogging site A Pinch of Adventure, takes this opportunity to invite readers to enjoy the culmination of both worlds. From food enthusiasts to people who have just started their culinary journey, there are many amazing stories and recipes to discover on the website.


APinchofAdventure.com features hundreds of family-friendly recipes and shares authentic family recipes such as baklava, toum, kafta falafel, Lebanese squash, and lentil soup, among many other Lebanese recipes that make excellent family and party meals. The thing about eating home-cooked meals is that they offer warmth and comfort, and loads of love go into preparing each meal using the freshest ingredients. Emily believes that food is an art, and each one has a different style in pursuing this art. Everyone can become a creator and an inventor of a recipe that tickles the taste buds just the right way. This site attempts to help people explore diverse cuisine through recipes, tips, and more.

APinchofAdventure.com offers recipes for main dishes, side dishes, breakfast recipes, dessert recipes, snacks and appetizers, soups and salads, and drinks. There are exclusive Lebanese, beef, chicken, vegetarian, and vegan recipes. Whether a family meal or a private party at home, the site has recipes for 2, 10, 20, or more people. For those tired of those store-bought pastries, cookies, and desserts, it is time to make something delicious at home. One can find on the site authentic recipes, while others are tried and tested.

Some of the recipes include delicious sweet breads, crispy cookies, delightful cakes, tasty cobblers, dark chocolate and espresso sea salt cookies, cast iron skillet peach cobbler, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, salted apple crisp with oat toppings, and many more. The website also features the best kitchen products, as well as reviews, tips, and recommendations for small appliances, utensils, gadgets, and the latest kitchen updates.

APinchofAdventure.com invites fellow food bloggers, cooks, food enthusiasts, and home cooks to join her in creating marvelous recipes and share their ideas and food experiences on the site. The site also provides a platform for people to promote their products or brands and create social media campaigns, sponsored posts, and much more.

To learn more, visit https://apinchofadventure.com/work-with-me/.

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A Pinch of Adventure was started by Emily, a solopreneur, food blogger, stay-at-home mom to 4 children, and above all, a person who loves to cook and share traditional and healthy recipes. Emily was featured in Eating Well, Yahoo Finance, Air, NBC, and ABC.


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