Afghanistan Disaster: Anger and worry mount as US defends withdrawal from Kabul

The streets are still empty, there is not much traffic.

People are scared and think that anything could go wrong at any moment, so they stay home.

People get supplies from some grocery stores that are open, but mostly the big markets and malls are all closed. The dollar price has risen in the last few days and because Afghanistan is an import economy everything is a bit expensive these days.

There’s no restriction on going out and talking to people and even filming them – I did that yesterday. I thought I wouldn’t be allowed to film, see or talk to people, but I wasn’t stopped or asked who I am or why I am doing it.

The Taliban have taken control of the city’s security, including traffic. They’re everywhere, they’re in every single seat, standing there to make sure they’re in control.

I spoke to them and asked them why they are here and what their work is now. They said they were here to clean up the city and they control cars, especially those of their colleagues. I asked them why, and they said these cars had previously been used by government officials and there might be looters out there trying to get us a bad name.

Nobody knows what will happen next.

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