Alimentazione Bambini Publishes 2 Guides on Finest Dietary Fashions within the Western World

“Piramide Alimentare” and “Dieta Mediterranea” are now available in Italian.

Alimentazione Bambini celebrates 12 years of nurturing growth in children through helpful resources, inspiring stories, recipes, expert advice, and much more. Its online consultation service, “L’esperto risponde,” has gained popularity as many parents have benefited from seeking advice from the expert medical team. Its healthy and tasty recipes column is appreciated by many as every recipe is tailored to the nutritional needs of growing children and is carefully curated with guidance from pediatrician Alessandra Piedimonte and dietician Maria Anna Tomaselli. Parents seem to have solved one major problem of giving their children nutrition-rich food.

Alimentazione Bambini is a one-stop online resource for all things child nutrition.
Alimentazione Bambini

The platform is constantly updated with posts on various topics related to child nutrition. Its latest posts are the Piramide Alimentare (Food Pyramid) and the Dieta Mediterranea (Mediterranean Diet). Both these guides are now available in Italian. Considered the best dietary models in the Western world, these diets have received global acclaim for being the most effective tools in fostering healthy eating habits in children. Various health organizations have also endorsed these diets, and they are used as reference models in the field of nutritional education. Here is a quick guide to what these two diets mean.

Piramide Alimentare, or Food Pyramid, is a visual and educational tool focusing on balance and variety. Both of these play an important role in our daily diet. With this tool, readers will learn about the essential food groups, portion sizes, and nutritional needs. The guide will also talk about the food that should be consumed every day in the form of three main meals and those that should be eaten weekly. The pyramid shape indicates that one should consume more of those at the bottom and less as they go up the pyramid. Those at the tip of the Piramide Alimentare should strictly be avoided and must be consumed occasionally or moderately.

Dieta Mediterranea, or the Mediterranean Diet, is a celebration of flavors, colors, and textures in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil. All these ingredients have abundant antioxidants and are linked to several health benefits. The pyramid describes how one should include different types of food to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Dieta Mediterranea is considered the most balanced and healthiest diet in the world as it is based on macronutrients, namely, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Alimentazione Bambini’s unwavering commitment to offering the best and most reliable resources has been essential to their success. It will continue to expand beyond child nutrition and aim to provide more resources on parenting topics in the coming years.

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Alimentazione Bambini is a one-stop online resource for all things child nutrition. The site is dedicated to providing reliable information guided by specialists from the field of nutrition. The resources available here are tailored to support healthy growth in children, with a special focus on the quality and composition of a diet.


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