Artwork Restart Salon presents trustworthy conversations about psychological well being

The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts at the UNC School of the Arts is organizing the next virtual Art Restart Salon “Creative, Vulnerable and Well” on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 7 p.m. Eastern. The salon will feature an honest discussion between four artists who will discuss the psychological challenges they have faced and share tactics they practice to develop their mental wellbeing.

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The uncertainty and upheaval of the past 18 months has heightened fears and vulnerabilities while normalizing the conversation about mental health. Hearing others share their experiences provides an opportunity to find strength in the community and to incorporate healthy strategies into their own lives.

The salon is moderated by the current Art Restart Podcast guest Tara Rynders, a dancer, choreographer and video artist who is also an experienced nurse, an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and the founder and artistic director of The Clinic, an art and theater piece, is -based company that offers workshops, performances and research on burnout and secondary traumatic stress.

Rynders is accompanied by three other extraordinary artists:

Salon participants, clockwise from top left: Catalina (CATAPHANT) Bellizzi-Itiola, Cliff Notez, Frank Horvat and presenter Tara Rynders.

  • Catalina (CATAPHANT) Bellizzi-Itiola is a San Diego-based visual artist, activist, educator, wall painter, and designer who creates highly structured, mixed abstract paintings based on her experiences with spirituality and mental illness.
  • Frank Horvat is an award-winning multi-genre composer and pianist who explores a wide range of topics in his music, from the love of the environment, mental health, to social justice issues.
  • Boston-based Cliff Notez is an award-winning, multi-digital media artist, musician, entrepreneur, and filmmaker whose art is a continuous exploration of the black mind.

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About Art Restart

The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts’ Art Restart podcast builds on the previous Artist as Leader interview series, which proves that artists are some of the most nimble and resourceful leaders in our communities. The turbulent events of 2020 prompted us to explore more urgently the focus of the interviews on the innate ability of artists to creatively solve problems. In “Art Restart” we examine what lessons artists have taken with them in 2020 and how they are reinventing their fields in order to build a new landscape for the arts.

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