Autism Horizon Launches Complete On-line Platform

Brings parenting tips, news, and product reviews related to Autism in one place

Autism Horizon, the recently launched online publication has brought everything right from parenting tips and news to product reviews related to Autism under one roof for readers.

Being a parent to an autistic child can be a challenging journey; no two ways about it. There is no blueprint on how things should be done, and there is a lot of learning and unlearning along the way. But at the same time, it’s also true that parents of autistic kids can benefit from the experiences of others, who have dealt with similar challenges in their lives, and insights they can bring to the table.

Autism Horizon
Autism Horizon

Autism Horizon was founded with exactly that mission in 2022 by George and Elizabeth. They are parents to an autistic son and have done their best to navigate the journey. Now they are sharing these experiences with other parents, who can draw from them. The comprehensive online platform is driven by helping parents do the best they can for their children.

At Autism Horizon parents can find solutions that will help them work on the everyday challenges and struggles they face. From issues related to clothing for autistic children to tips for homeschooling an autistic child, the information resource covers it all for readers. They will be pleased to note that the information on the platform is arranged in different categories so they can find what they are looking for without difficulty.

From toys and games to sensory solutions and pets; this information is critical for parents with autistic children to do the best for their little ones. For example there are articles on 9 best small dog breeds for autistic children (pros and cons) and 9 worst dogs for autistic children, 5 best cats for children with autism, are just some of the articles that one can find at Autism Horizon. The platform also talks about Labradoodles as pets for children with autism.

Moreover, Autism Horizon talks about the latest products and teaching methods that parents can benefit from. ‘6 best water sensory tables: play with water and sand for kids’, to ‘12 best sensory musical toys for autistic children’, parents can find a variety of insightful information on the platform. With its practical, real life tips and detailed guides, the platform ensures that parents can make the right decisions for their autistic children.

The platform takes the quality of its articles very seriously, and that’s how it has made its mark with the readers. Every article is rigorously researched and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is accurate, up-to-date and in keeping with parents’ needs.

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About Autism Horizon

This online platform for parents was founded by George and Elizabeth, who has an autistic son, to share their experiences, insights and well-researched reviews that can help others.


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