Axion Theas Actual Property Updates Web site With Actual Property Choices in Greece

lt also offers property management services and renovations through a network of qualified professionals from the construction industry.

Axion Theas Real Estate, a leading real estate agency in Gerakas, is pleased to share that it has updated its website with the newest real estate listings in Greece. The search for an ideal property in Greece ends here, as Axion Theas offers listings tailored to meet the unique needs of property seekers. It also offers full support throughout the property buying process.

The real estate market is undergoing positive changes with a surge in available homes. Factors such as the increasing demand for Airbnb properties, the post-COVID economic recovery, and the allure of the Greek Golden Visa have transformed real estate in Greece.

Axion Theas Real Estate was started in 2008 in Gerakas, Greece.
Axion Theas Real Estate

Owing to the shifts in the real estate industry, investing now requires a specialized approach. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Axion Theas is a trusted partner for buyers, sellers, and investors. Its extensive expertise and continuous adaptation to changing trends in the market give them an added advantage. The company is known for having the most property listings in Eastern Attica and surrounding areas. The agency operates with strict values, integrity, and honesty.

With the recent changes in the Greek Golden Visa, there will be more demand for residential properties. The Greece Golden Visa Program is a Residence by Investment program which is by far the most affordable program providing access to Europe. Successful applicants get to travel to Greece and Europe’s Schengen area without the need for a visa. The minimum real estate investment is EUR 250,000. This program has caught the eye of many investors from across the world. After all, who does not want to move and live in a country as beautiful as Greece? This opens up many amazing opportunities for sellers and investors, leading to a shift in real estate in Greece.

Axion Theas is here to assist investors in understanding the Greek Golden Visa program and supporting them in their endeavors. Its website currently lists a wide range of properties in Athens, including the Eastern, Western, North, and Southern Suburbs and Central Athens and the rest of Attica. Real estate in Greece doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right people on the job, it could be quick and efficient. Whether they are sellers entrusting their property to Axion Theas or buyers looking for an ideal property, a team of experienced agents are available on standby to provide value-added solutions to their customers. Through state-of-the-art technology, the agents can analyze thousands of properties to discover the most profitable options for their customers.

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About Axion Theas Real Estate

Axion Theas Real Estate was started in 2008 in Gerakas, Greece. The agency has been helping its clients buy, sell, rent, or lease their properties in Eastern Attica and surrounding areas. The company also offers real estate management services and renovations through a network of professionals from construction and building.



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