Boomer Advantages’ Medicare Q&A Fb Group Reaches 50,000 Members

Welcomes All Medicare Beneficiaries

Boomer Benefits, a leading Medicare insurance agency, has reached a significant milestone in its efforts to help seniors navigate the Medicare system. Its Medicare Q&A with Boomer Benefits® Facebook group has hit 50,000 members, providing a free platform for seniors to get their Medicare questions answered 365 days a year.

The Medicare system can be overwhelming for seniors, and having a safe and supportive space to ask questions and receive personalized guidance can make all the difference. Boomer Benefits’ team of Medicare experts moderates the group, ensuring that members receive accurate information and help in understanding their Medicare options so that they can make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage.

Boomer Benefits
Boomer Benefits

Danielle Kunkle Roberts, co-founder of Boomer Benefits, expressed her excitement for reaching the milestone and the team’s commitment to providing seniors with accurate information. Roberts said, “We are thrilled to have hit this milestone of 50,000 members in our Medicare Q&A Facebook group. Our team of Medicare experts is committed to providing accurate information and helping seniors understand their Medicare options so they can make informed decisions about their health care coverage.”

The Medicare Q&A with Boomer Benefits® Facebook group has become a go-to resource for seniors looking to learn more about their Medicare benefits. Members can ask questions, share their experiences, and connect with others who are going through similar situations. As seniors face unique health care needs, Boomer Benefits’ Medicare experts help members navigate the complexities of Medicare to find the best options for their individual needs.

Boomer Benefits’ focus on providing accurate and accessible information has contributed to the group’s growth and success. The group welcomes all Medicare beneficiaries, including those who are new to Medicare or have been enrolled for years. Members can receive help with various aspects of Medicare, including eligibility requirements, enrollment deadlines, coverage options, and cost-saving measures.

In addition to its Medicare Q&A Facebook group, Boomer Benefits provides a range of Medicare insurance services to help seniors find the right coverage options for their needs. These services include Medicare Supplement insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Part D plans, and more.

Overall, Boomer Benefits’ Medicare Q&A with Boomer Benefits® Facebook group has become an invaluable resource for seniors seeking guidance and support in navigating the Medicare system. With a growing community of 50,000 members and a team of Medicare experts committed to helping seniors make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage, the group is poised to continue its success in supporting seniors’ health care needs. To join the Medicare Q&A with Boomer Benefits® Facebook group, visit


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