Boudoir Photographer Naomi Hormann Joins Kiati Plooksawasdi Workshop

Naomi Hormann Aims to Improve Her Photography Skills and Network With Industry Professionals.

Naomi Hormann, the creative force behind Boudoir by Naomi, recently took part in an exclusive boudoir workshop led by the esteemed Kiati Plooksawasdi, an award-winning boudoir photographer based in Maryland. The workshop was a unique opportunity for photographers to refine their technical skills, encourage creativity, and engage with peers in the industry.

Naomi Hormann, known for her exceptional work in boudoir photography, attended the workshop to advance her craft and introduce innovative techniques to her clients. Held over a transformative weekend in Indiana, the event aimed to challenge participants’ creative boundaries through practical sessions and personalized guidance from Plooksawasdi, whose work is celebrated internationally.

Boudoir by Naomi is a premier boudoir photography studio based in Indiana.
Boudoir by Naomi

“The workshop was a transformative experience,” said Naomi Hormann. “Learning from Kiati Plooksawasdi has not only enhanced my technical abilities but also inspired me to explore new artistic directions in my work. I’m eager to incorporate these fresh perspectives into my sessions and offer my clients an elevated boudoir photography experience.”

The boudoir workshop featured comprehensive exercises on lighting, composition, and client interaction, focusing on enhancing the intimacy and artistry inherent in boudoir photography. Participants had the opportunity to work with professional models, applying new techniques in real time and receiving immediate, constructive feedback from Plooksawasdi.

Kiati Plooksawasdi, whose expertise spans both dance and portrait photography, emphasized the significance of self-expression and confidence in boudoir photography.

Boudoir by Naomi has established itself as a premier destination for boudoir photography in Indiana, known for creating a safe and empowering environment for clients. Naomi’s participation in the workshop shows her dedication to continuous learning and professional development. Her clients can expect even more breathtaking and emotionally resonant photographs crafted with the latest techniques and a renewed artistic vision.

In addition to enhancing her skills, Naomi valued the networking opportunities provided by the workshop. Engaging and collaborating with other passionate photographers has expanded her professional network and opened doors for future collaborations and projects.

Her participation in the boudoir workshop reflects her dedication to excellence in boudoir photography. As a member of the AIBP, she continues to strive for artistic and professional growth. Naomi’s recent work has been recognized in the AIBP Best of Boudoir 2023, highlighting her commitment to producing outstanding photography.

Naomi’s dedication to her craft and clients has earned her a reputation as a top Indiana boudoir photographer, committed to creating lasting memories for each individual.

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Boudoir by Naomi is a premier boudoir photography studio based in Indiana. The studio specializes in intimate and empowering photo sessions. Led by Naomi Hormann, she aims to celebrate beauty and confidence through personalized and artistic photography experiences.


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