Bounce houses with slide rentals

A brief review on types and utilities


Bounce houses with slide rentals are becoming increasingly popular among kids these days. Verily, millennials render their birthday parties and playdates incomplete without such amenity. It can take the child’s birthday or parties to delightfully amusing new heights. However, many parents find that buying a bounce house with a slide is a long-term investment. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions; hence bounce houses with slide rentals come into play as the most affordable option for this issue.

This article will explore various types of bounce houses and parental guidelines to ensure maximum safety of their wards while not compromising on any amount of fun!

Types of Bounce houses:

1.      Indoor Bounce Houses:

These types of bounce houses with or without slides are compact and shorter than traditional options in the market. Their utility is suitable if you need it inside a garage or your backyard. As it is a small bounce house, it is well suited for kids of younger age groups. The jump areas typically measure 63 to 100 square feet.

❖      Parental Guidelines:

If these indoor items are taken outside, parents must make sure to lay down a thick tarp and secure these bounce houses with slide rentals with ground stakes. Weather conditions must be taken into consideration as these can not be used in windy climates or rain. The most used material in the fabrication of these bounce houses is nylon and susceptible to damage by sharp rocks or branches. Hence, it is recommended to use these bounce houses indoors only!. Economically bounce houses with slide rentals are most suitable for birthday parties or playdates.

2.      Standard Bounce Houses:

Standard bounce houses with slides or without are made with thicker nylon material. They contain additional reinforcements along seams as well as egresses. Standard bounce houses are equipped with blower machines for continuous air supply and pressure maintenance for the cushion. These inflatable structures are large and heavy, but care must be taken when used outside (on tarp recommend to avoid damage by puncture).

3.      Commercial-Inflatable Bounce houses with slides:

As their name suggests, these are large-sized bounce houses designed for frequent use. The materials used in its fabrication are, of course, commercial-grade thick material that can withstand more stresses. These are more suited for professionals like event planners, fair management, picnic organizers, etc.

❖      Parental Guidelines:

It is recommended for parents to go for the option of bounce houses with slide rentals rather than purchasing one. However, if you plan to buy a bounce house, it is your responsibility to follow the safety and operational instructions.  Supervise the kids while they are playing on a bounce house with slide rentals. If you can’t supervise, it is better to deflate the bouncy house.


In conclusion, it is again reminded that bouncy houses with slides are far more fun and budget-friendly. These bounce houses are safer than trampolines; still, parental guidance is advised while bouncy houses are in operation. Verily, a bounce house with slide rentals comes with its perks and privileges. It is a growing business, and its popularity is also increasing with each passing day.

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