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Michigan City Hall

Doug Ross, Files, The Times

MICHIGAN CITY – Two ordinances to refurbish the Michigan City Promise Scholarship Program have been tabled for a month as the city council returns to the drawing board.

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A council workshop on this topic is planned for August 19th at 6.30 p.m.

The council is divided on how to expand the scholarship program to give more money away.

One of the ordinances offered last week would have created a tiered scholarship scheme where homeowners’ children get the most money, up to $ 5,000 a year for four years of college. Children of Michigan City Area School tenants and students who live outside of the city could receive up to $ 3,500 per year under this proposal.

Students would need to attend Michigan City Area Schools through middle school through 12th grade to receive the full amount.

The ordinance recognizes that the current housing market is insufficient to encourage new home purchases, but public schools still need support.

A separate ordinance would have opened the scholarship program to private school graduates, provided the graduates live in Michigan City. Home ownership or rental status would not play a role under this proposed regulation.

Councilor Dalia Zygaz, D-at large, and Bryant Dabney, D-1st, removed their names from the first ordinance, which would normally have effectively killed them.

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