Brief-Time period Rental Firm Vhcstay, Is Now In Galveston, Texas

Vhcstay has formally announced that it has started operating in Galveston, Texas. It is part of the company’s plans to expand across North America.

Short-term rental in Galveston just became so much easier with the announcement of Vhcstay formally operating in the city. It offers an excellent opportunity for Galveston owners to invest more and for travelers to experience the city without breaking the bank.

The Galveston Market has, over the years, become one of the strongest in the state and, according to experts, is poised to grow in value over the next few years. The city’s history, beautiful beaches, and tourism mean that Vhcstay has positioned itself perfectly in the middle of what is now a booming tourism industry and housing market.

Readers can learn more about Vhcstay in Galveston, TX, and book accommodation or partner with the company by visiting

Vhcstay is a full-service, tech-enabled short-term rental management company focused on driving revenue for homeowners
Chiquita Bay, Galveston, TX

“Now it is time for change to focus on what many do wrong and make it right, which will drive the difference in the level of service. VHC is focusing on being the one that provides not only an owner-centric or guest-centric company, but a human-centric company.” – Jenifer Vance, Galveston Market Sales Manager with Vhcstay.

She added, “Providing that extra special touch that provides a luxury resort feel to every home, providing useful technology that focuses on the needs of Guest comforts, Owner security, and communication, having high-quality linens and terry along with the right amenities; that all starts with providing our employees and vendors with what they need.”

The company has said that it will continue to take care of employees, which it sees as key to ensuring that the short-term rental industry continues to grow. Unlike other services, the company vows, not to forget about the so-called “boots on the ground.”

The company has said that it is here in Galveston, Texas, to grow and stay, providing tourists, homeowners, and everyone else the best experience.

As a vhcstay homeowner, each property manager is assigned a dedicated Homeowner Support Manager, granted access to an easy-to-use technology package (NoiseAware, in-property tablets, StayFi Wifi, Lynx Smart Rental Automation locks, and control access set-up), and receives regular company updates, professional cleaning, maintenance, and multi-point inspections, plus full access to the Homeowner Travel Benefit Platform. Additionally, local staff are on call 24/7, ready to assist whenever and however needed. To learn more about vhcstay, visit

About Vacation Home Collection (vhcstay)

Vhcstay is a full-service, tech-enabled short-term rental management company focused on driving revenue for homeowners and providing unique travel experiences to guests. The company is part of the CVC Corp, the largest tourism group in Latin America and the fifth largest globally, providing comprehensive travel services and experiences to clients for 50 years. As part of an industry pioneer in the travel sector, vhcstay takes pride in its international presence and the opportunity to access CVC Corp’s outstanding network and distribution of 100 online channels, 1,200 travel agencies, and exclusive B2B integrations.

About CVC Corp

The CVC Corp, a publicly held company based in Brazil, has provided clients with comprehensive travel services and experiences for 50 years. As the largest tourism group in Latin America, they take pride in their global presence and how it enables them to create best-in-class travel experiences for their customers.


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