Brighton Stadium to headline Royal Blood Desires | Leisure information

Royal Blood wants to play a dream gig at Brighton & Hove Albion Stadium.

Trouble’s Coming hitmaker, who was founded in a southern English city, loves to play local shows, and drummer Ben Thatcher is really special as a football club fan who takes to the stage at the American Express Community Stadium. I think.

He said to Argus, “What is obvious to me is Amex. It’s a big and big place for obvious reasons.

“Beaches will be fun. There are many organizations in these places that need to work on it, which can also be very expensive.

“You already have a Brighton Center that’s already installed and it’s really the biggest place.

“We also love to play one of my favorite places to see other bands, The Dome, but we want to attract those additional fans.”

Ben and his bandmate Mike Kerr will be performing on their UK tour at the Brighton Center this month but they are not always on the right track.

The drummer recalled, “We were really struggling to find a place to play and we just ended up playing by crashing open mic night.

“One of us, Chris Simmons, spends open mic nights, mostly on the south coast of Worthing and Brighton.

“I used to play a few songs with a drum kit. I was playing at the BlackLion pub and was told to stop after two songs. It wasn’t the right place to play. “

The upcoming show will be a moment of victory for the duo who, after much of the blockade, released their third album “Typhoon” earlier this year. I get used to the “preparation” to get out of the blockade and return to the stage. ..

Ben explained, “I went to soccer. That’s great.

“Mike, he found his love for water because he’s calm, so he loves swimming and wakeboarding, that’s it.

“We are really preparing for the next season. Obviously we haven’t played the show in two years, so a lot of rehearsals were made for it. “

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