BudSense, Pioneers in Digital Signage Options, Launches New Characteristic Referred to as Sensible Playlists

It allows dispensaries and retailers to deploy digital marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.

BudSense, pioneers in cannabis digital signage solutions, has launched a new feature called Smart Playlists on their BudSense tool. This cannabis tech enables dispensaries to operate more efficiently and effectively, and equipped with Smart Playlists, it gives retailers the ability to deploy in-store digital marketing campaigns and ensure that only products in stock are promoted. The digital cannabis menus will only display products readily available for sale and will not show anything out of stock.

BudSense, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, provides digital signage solutions equipped with Smart Playlists

One of the main problems that cannabis dispensaries face is that their store to store inventory changes so fast that even ongoing promotions become outdated. Marketers have a tough time keeping up with promotions and in-stock items across locations, which affects the overall marketing strategy when customers cannot find the products despite the ongoing promotions. Traditional digital cannabis menus are also time-consuming to update and manage.

Thus, more and more dispensaries are opting for BudSense’s digital signage solutions because of their innovative features. Smart Playlists is a great addition to their cannabis tech as it links marketing images directly to the current inventory. This means that the dispensary will promote only available products on the digital cannabis menu. The tool allows linking a single product or a group of products to a particular digital promotion, provided only in-stock items are showcased. This helps avoid frustrated customers and missed sales opportunities.

Another problem for cannabis dispensaries is spending hours manually updating the spreadsheet based menus on their cannabis digital signage. This often leads to redundant work, pesky errors, a lot of wasted time and money, and lost credibility. BudSense’s Smart Playlists is a smart solution to the above problems. This dynamic tool allows retailers to manage their promotions with real-time updates, saving a lot of time and reducing the risk of errors to a great extent. The best thing is that there will be fewer frustrated customers.

BudSense’s cannabis tech solutions are available in three different packages. Value Bud is for those working with a budget. Its pricing is designed to meet the specific needs of retailers. They can purchase either one or a combination of paper menus, basic digital menus, digital signage package, and product cards, with an option to add templates and digital signage. The Full Spectrum package includes a flexible suite of powerful tools built to customize and maintain the dispensary menus. The third package is Head Stash, which allows retailers to automate their digital signage for maximized efficiency and revenue.

To learn more, visit https://www.mybudsense.com/blog/smart-playlist-happy-customers.

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BudSense, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, provides digital signage solutions equipped with Smart Playlists. These powerful tools help dispensaries optimize their operations and improve the overall customer experience. With BudSense, dispensaries can manage their signages and promotions in an efficient and effective manner. BudSense is a leading provider of impactful digital signage with tailored features, helping dispensaries and retailers optimize their dispensary operations, engage customers, and drive sales.


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