Burnham Nationwide Shares Essential Data on Vacation Moratorium

It helps builders secure permits while keeping the project compliant with the moratorium.

Burnham Nationwide, an expert in building code consulting and permit expediting, is pleased to share crucial information onHoliday Moratoriums across the U.S. Every year, during November and December, municipalities across the country limit the construction activity, issuance of building permits, and street closures during certain times and dates. This helps citizens have full access to shops, restaurants, malls, and retail stores without any diversions.

Burnham Nationwide works in over 3,000 cities across the United States, and its clients include Fortune 500 companies and some of the nation’s premier development firms.
Burnham Nationwide

The Holiday Moratorium in various cities proposes that streets and sidewalks must be free of any work or construction-related activity from the day after Thanksgiving, i.e. 24th November 2023 through 1st January 2024. The streets or sidewalks fall under (1) the area outlined in the “Holiday Restrictions Boundary” map in the streets of the city or (2) any business block. Business blocks are blocks devoted to businesses and are outside the map area. Alleys are not included in the Holiday Moratorium Restriction unless they fall under the business block.

Establishments in the above-protected category include bars, restaurants, retail stores, non-residence-type hotels, service-type businesses, and other commercial setups as determined by the Director of Street Division and those that require the public to enter from the street in question. With this Holiday Moratorium in place, many projects come to a halt or are slowed down. Burnham Nationwide, specializing in building code consulting and permit expediting services, can help come up with alternatives so that project timelines are not disturbed.

Most major cities typically have the Holiday Moratorium in place. For accurate information, it is better to check with the local municipalities. Generally speaking, these moratoriums are consistent and in effect from Thanksgiving through New Year. As mentioned, the Moratorium avoids closures of public ways, such as streets and sidewalks, so people can shop for the holidays. But construction companies and builders can check for exceptions or modifications with Burnham. Depending on the city and location, the construction might cease. Call Burnham so that it can double-check the project’s exposure to Holiday Moratoriums in various cities. Chicago, for instance, has already announced several special event moratoriums throughout 2024 due to the NASCAR Street Race in July, the Lollapalooza Music Festival, and the Democratic National Convention in August.

The team of permit expeditors and building code consultants at Burnham is readily available to answer any questions or clarify doubts regarding the Holiday Moratorium procedures applicable in a particular city. They will also assist with the application process with regard to waivers. These services are available across their offices located throughout the country in Chicago, New York, Denver, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Orlando. Burnham Nationwide has several decades of expertise in permit expediting services, building code consulting, site plan reviews, site plan registrations, zoning process compliance, city licenses, EV charges, ROW/encroachment permits, and more.

In addition to assisting the construction companies, architects, and contractors in getting approvals at every phase of the construction process, it also provides due diligence support and assistance with discrete permits and licenses, especially in approvals that are related to historic preservation, street space permits, contractor licensing, noise variance permits, and traffic approvals. It has been offering building code consulting and permit expediting services in the country for several years now.

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Burnham Nationwide works in over 3,000 cities across the United States, and its clients include Fortune 500 companies and some of the nation’s premier development firms. They offer a systematic, professional approach that streamlines and navigates the complex planning, submission, and approval process so you don’t have to. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, they are is the trusted resource for every client and every project. Having obtained well over 100,000 permits nationwide, they has the experience necessary to help with all your permitting needs. Their people, dedication, and passion truly set them apart from the competition. At Burnham, they are committed to “simply getting it done.”



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