Cameroon’s rap pirate Valsero on mixing music and politics

From prison in Cameroon to Zenith in Paris, Valsero, an outspoken Cameroonian artist, is politically committed to rap music.

Valsero, also seen as an oppositionist from Cameroon, challenges the political class with rap.

Valsero claims firm and determined opposition to his country’s current president, Paul Biya. “Letter to the President” and the most recent “The President is Dead” are strong and uncompromising messages to the political class in his country.

“Basically, I’m a rap pirate. Indeed, I am a political activist and rap is an extraordinary weapon, by its power, by its strength, by its ability to mobilize people. I have decided that my art is very important to me for the development and evolution of democracy and rap. “

The outspoken rapper and Cameroonian oppositionist Valsero talks about his love for rap, his support for Maurice Kamto in the 2018 elections and his condemnation of the election results, which he and Kamto imprisoned for ten months.

“We went to jail because we didn’t want to lie down, we won this election. It was frustrating, you know, it was very frustrating and we didn’t give up. We have challenged the central power, the supreme power, because it is a dictatorship, “

Valsero blames French President Emmanuel Macron for his imprisonment

“The guy who put me in jail is Macron, not Paul Biya. Because Macron has imprisoned a lot of African activists and African politicians in Africa for those who don’t know, and I was one of them and he was who decided to open the doors again, so this guy has the ability to lock you up, put you in jail in your own country, he doesn’t move and he’ll get you out again.

His discourse even arouses fear among his French colleagues, some of whom have refused to work with him because they could target the Cameroonian government.

The musician performed on September 18 at a concert at the Zenith in Paris.

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