Celtic Mobility, On a Mission to Take Care of Snowdrop Independent Living’s Customers

Swansea, Wales 21 Feb 2023 – Celtic Mobility has stepped forward to take care of the customers of Snowdrop Independent Living. Snowdrop, which provided services to thousands of customers across Wales in the mobility and home care service, and had been facing financial difficulties and was forced to shut down. This left its customers in a difficult situation, with many unsure of where to turn.

Enter Celtic Mobility, a sister company of Celtic Therapy and Rehab Services Ltd. Celtic Mobility has offered to take over the care of the Snowdrop Independent Living’s customers. The directors of both companies have made it their mission to ensure that these vulnerable members of society receive the best possible service and support during this difficult time.

(Celtic Therapy and rehab services Ltd was set up in 2020 by two industry professionals, Matthew Eveleigh and Dean Williams, to provide bespoke Wheelchair solutions across both NHS, Retail and Case Management sectors.)

“We understand how difficult it can be for customers when a company they rely on suddenly shuts down,” said Matthew Eveleigh, Co-Director of Celtic Mobility. “That’s why we are stepping in to offer our support and expertise to those individuals in need. Celtic Mobility will go above and beyond to help replace the services lost in the area and to ensure a smooth transition to our company.”

Celtic Mobility has already been helping out the ex Snowdrop customers that have reached out to them for help, and has set up a dedicated customer service team to handle all inquiries and requests. They are also working closely with some of the former employees of the closed company to ensure as a smooth transfer and peace of mind is provided.

“We know that it’s not just about providing a service, it’s about remaining independent. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that Snowdrop customers, who are currently adrift, come to us and are happy and satisfied with the service they receive from us.”

Celtic Mobility is excited to have accepted the challenge to rescue those set adrift and welcome them as new customers into their fold, and have set up a single contact point on their website in addition to the below.


For more information about Celtic Mobility, please visit.


Suzanne Stebbings

Celtic Mobility

01554 229725

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