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In Motion Physical Therapy specializes in performance physical therapy.

In Motion Physical Therapy, Chicago’s leading physical therapy center, is pleased to share that they have expanded their sports physical therapy services. The center was started by Dr. Lauren Schnidman, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Running Gait Analyst, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Tennis Performance. Lauren specializes in holistic physical therapy, which begins with addressing every patient as a whole person rather than addressing the symptoms and pain alone.

In Motion Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services and helps patients return to regular routines.
In Motion Physical Therapy

Holistic physical therapy also includes providing individualized and comprehensive care rather than cookie-cutter treatments. The approach also involves treating the body as a single interconnected system rather than treating it as individual parts. Performance physical therapy is provided for men, women, sports professionals, and athletes. The process starts with a comprehensive evaluation, followed by varied treatment plans for different types of injuries, orthopedic or sports related.

Individuals who walk into this holistic physical therapy clinic can be assured that the certified physical therapists will be present by their side supporting, motivating, and helping them walk out feeling better and stronger than ever. The therapists work toward helping their clients recover from injuries by providing the necessary tools to decrease the occurrence or recurrence of injuries. Sports and performance physical therapy evaluations include functional movement screens, a video motion analysis, testing the range of motion to emphasize the sport-specific requirement, and functional strength testing.

To help sportsmen and women return to their optimal level, certified physical therapists use a combination of manual therapy techniques, mobility training, and strengthening specific to the sport and provide functional training per the specific movement patterns needed by the sport. Any sport will have its fair share of injuries, some of which might not be as serious, but some could have serious long-term effects on the body and performance. But whatever the case may be, sports injuries must not be ignored, and one should approach a qualified therapist or a practitioner for proper diagnoses and treatments.

Some of the most common injuries are ankle and hamstring sprains, rotator cuff tendonitis, ITB syndrome, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, hip impingement and post-surgical labral, meniscus, ACL repairs, and rotator cuff. Apart from the above services, the certified physical therapists offer holistic physical therapy and appropriate recommendations for sports-specific braces or orthotics, a transitional program, and personal training. These treatments are perfect for patients who wish to benefit from continued strength and endurance training and are conducted in a clinic-based environment. At In Motion Physical Therapy, clients will experience one-on-one physical therapy tailored to their unique needs. The clinic has worked with people who enjoy playing sports, whether recreational or competitive, tennis players, runners, and other athletes. They offer sports and performance physical therapy in their private physical therapy clinic in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

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About In Motion Physical Therapy

In Motion Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services and helps patients return to regular routines. Athletes looking to return to their favorite sports, teens, and adults seeking to lose weight, busy parents looking to improve their body mobility to keep up with their children’s busy schedules, post-op patients on the road to recovery, and elderly citizens looking to return to their previously active lifestyles can all benefit from In Motion Physical Therapy’s services. The center is led by Dr. Lauren Schnidman, a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University and an avid sportsman and outdoor activity enthusiast. The services provided at In Motion Physical Therapy are designed to help patients return to their routine activities as soon as possible.


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