Cloud-based On-line Examination Platform Supplier, Inspera, Explains The Makes use of of an On-line Evaluation Resolution

Inspera, the prestigious digital test and exam platform for acquiring cloud-based digital assessment services, published an article highlighting the uses of an online assessment process.

Inspera, the Scandinavian-based global leader in providing digital assessment and online test proctoring solutions, published an eye-opening post on its official website explaining the uses of an online assessment. The company has provided a reliable digital assessment platform to various international organizations and industries since 1999. Drawing upon the extensive experience of delivering global digital assessment services, the company released this post to describe the uses and benefits of online assessments over traditional pen and paper exams.

Inspera is a leading-edge European digital assessment provider providing test-takers with equal opportunities to prove their skills in an authentic and fully digital manner.

According to Inspera, in 2019, they received more than 2 million submissions on the Inspera online assessment platform. These submissions were sent from over 160 different countries. The company has reported a steady rise in these numbers since then. The platform’s security measures and anti-cheating features are one of the many reasons why many institutions and faculty prefer Inspera’s online testing solutions. Inspera’s online assessment platform is easy to use and includes built-in accessibility tools to accommodate users. The software enables teachers to create interactive exams featuring 25 different types of questions types and allows them to collaborate on questions with colleagues if the need arises.

All TechEd experts believe that digital assessments are an intelligent way to collect behavioral and statistical data that can be used to enhance teaching strategies and course objectives, in addition to replacing traditional assessment methods. These statistics can help accelerate students’ learning paths, improving the overall validity of tests and the results obtained by test-takers.

A company representative explained the benefits of using digital assessments and how this assessment format has now become a necessity instead of a luxury. “We, as a part of modern society, have become heavily reliant on technology, so educational institutions must also digitally transform to evolve and offer services ready for the future world. We undeniably ended up moving much further and faster into the digital age and remote learning and working habits due to the COVID-19 crisis. Those times were tiring, but they forced us to reevaluate our existing business processes and teaching methods, learning, and working methods. We are now much better prepared to handle crises without the learning process suffering. Online digital assessments are more than just doing away with in-person exams, pens, paper, and handwriting. Online assessment serves as a link between education, employment, and active citizenship. It ensures that the tools used in everyday teaching and evaluation are the same as those that test-takers will use in their professional lives.”

To learn more about online assessment, readers can visit the Inspera website at The website offers insight into online test proctoring and assessment processes. It also guides users through the diverse range of products for implementing online assessment processes in different industries.

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Inspera is a leading-edge European digital assessment provider providing test-takers with equal opportunities to prove their skills in an authentic and fully digital manner. Inspera empowers colleges and universities to deliver secure assessments, standardized tests, open and closed book exams, as well as formative and diagnostics tests, either on-site or fully remotely. The company’s unique end-to-end platform and remote proctoring services are enhanced by customer service support that ensures successful institution-wide adoption and rollout. Founded in 1999, Inspera is on a mission to improve education on a global scale. With more than 200 dedicated EdTech entrepreneurs collaborating to revolutionize the assessment process.


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