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Williamsport, Pennsylvania – Marvel did it again with a clever relaunch of staple foods to make them new and accessible to new readers.

Video games will continue to be a big part of the column when Cyberpunk and Horizon Zero Dawn return. The disappointment may be real for both titles on the video game front, but the comics draw a really good story in their own right.

Here are the reading and recommendations as we continue to scroll through the amazing world of art and words.

August is also a special month when Free Comic Book Day takes place. We’ll wrap up all the good stuff for the next month. Until then, have fun reading about the house.

Horizon Zero Dawn Liberation # 1

The successor to last year’s Sunhawk is ready. For fans of the series or the video game, this series was a treat.

The pages of each comic exude a unique style and color for the game and the comic art it represents. Aloy is a fantastic character, and while we can’t enjoy Forbidden West this year, the comic was stellar.

We open with Aloy and Erend, who go together and make decisions about their next stops. It seems to be rising somewhere in the middle of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Before we get carried away on a journey with Aloy and Erend, we get a flashback in which Erend fills out the story about his sister. It’s a compelling story that fans of the series will appreciate.

Aloy’s classic dialogues from the game are spread across all pages. The artwork is beautiful. Titan Comics has another hit streak in their hands.

Cyberpunk 2077: You Have My Word # 2

The world of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game may take a long time to fully evolve, but the comic book certainly isn’t.

This is a story of revenge for the death of a daughter. It’s exactly what you’d expect from this universe created by the game. It’s dark and violent.

What I really like about his story is the limited details so far. They give just enough to interest me, so I like to tell stories. Completing this problem happens quickly. Part three won’t appear until the end of October. That will give us enough time to keep this story rolling in our heads.

X-Men # 2

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned superhero comic book.

The new X-Men, a good two of the new X-Men, do this perfectly to stop an alien invasion while enjoying some Kansas City BBQ.

Action, history and art. This comic has it all. Rogue is allowed to play with Gambit Frauy ​​at the beginning, but later smash some bugs and help save the planet. This was a cool way to restart the X-Men and introduce all of the new members while some of the old favorites really shine as leaders.

Deadpool: Black, White & Blood # 1

In honor of the Free Guy opening this month, we’re looking at Deadpool: Black, White & Blood # 1. Hell, if Free Guy didn’t open up we’d be looking at this one.

The Wolverine and Carnage themes were great. How do you think the Deadpool franchise is going to start? Good OK.

He’s still breaking all kinds of walls throughout the issue. Deadpool is always at its best. Read and enjoy three cool stories.


1. The amazing Spider-Man-Omnibus Vol. 1 1

2. Bloodborne Vol. 1 4

3. Beta Ray Bill # 5

4. Alien # 6

5. Enjoy Free Comic Day

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