Cornell, Syracuse Requires College students To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage

Students walk across the Syracuse University campus in New York on Thursday, November 21, 2019. (AP Photo / Carolyn Thompson)

Carolyn Thompson

Two central New York universities require students to get COVID-19 vaccinations before the fall semester.

Cornell and Syracuse announced this week that students will need to be vaccinated before returning to campus. Both universities say that medical and religious exemptions will be considered.

In a letter posted on the university’s website, Cornell President Martha Pollack said faculties, staff and students with expanded eligibility and increasing production can be vaccinated in the spring or summer. Most members of the campus community are expected to be vaccinated, which Pollack says will reduce the risk of infection.

Cornell also requires registration of vaccination status. The university has a vaccination certificate that faculty, staff and students can fill out after vaccination is complete. The requirement goes into effect on April 15th.

“As soon as we have better data on the level of community protection achieved, we will provide additional details on fully reactivating the campus in a safe and responsible manner,” wrote Pollack.

The guidelines at Syracuse University are similar, but with one important addition. From June 1st, the school will require a COVID-19 vaccination for faculty, staff and students who have summer access to campus.

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