Demand for San Antonio Noise Ordinance Measures may have an effect on leisure venues

San Antonio – John Brennaman couldn’t enjoy his quiet home on the North Side anymore, that’s one of the reasons he moved out. He lives near the Broadway corridor near Loop 410, where problems with a particular bar forced several of his neighbors to crack down on the city’s noise ordinance.

“There are always only a few. They don’t cooperate. And that’s what we’re trying to pin down, ”he said. He is part of a recently formed Noise Ordinance Task Force established by the City of San Antonio.

Mike Shannon, Development Services Director at COSA, says the city receives about 30,000 calls to the SAPD emergency number for noise complaints each year. The Task Force will consider what changes, if any, need to be made to the current regulation in order to improve and strengthen it.

“People really want to see if we have a chronic or habitual bad actor, or someone who makes a lot of really excessive noise. How can the Noise Ordinance have a little more teeth to work with and not really harm those who do it right? ”Explains Shannon. “We definitely don’t want to close any stores. We don’t want to create a bunch of unnecessary quotes for the first time, you know, birthday party that got a little bit exciting. So we work through all of these details. “


Shannon says in the upcoming budget proposal that there is a pilot program in which some law enforcement officers will work with the police for three months starting October to further investigate noise complaint issues.

The proposal would have to be approved by the entire city council.

“I think piloting what we can learn some things, what works and what doesn’t work, to be a little more effective,” he says.

David Nelson, music director of the Beethoven men’s choir, says that after 100 years in Southtown, some neighbors have recently been complaining about the level of music.

“We were founded as a music association. So, you know, music is our lifeblood here, ”he said.

He wants the city to consider how to enforce the current noise regulation before making changes that could affect entertainment and music companies.


The city will virtually host the last of 3 public hearings on September 2nd at 6 p.m.

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