Democrat Likelihood Trevilian challenges Les Adams | Authorities and politics

A Danville native and resident of Martinsville is running to remove Republican incumbent Les Adams in the 16th District of the Virginia House of Representatives.

The 30-year-old Chance Trevillian knows his chances of victory are slim, but he wants to encourage more political engagement in the community.

“I admit I don’t have the best chance of winning this race because, as one advisor put it, I’m flying the plane while I’m building it,” said Trevillian. “But that’s one of the main reasons I’m running to get my community involved in the political process.”

Education, including increasing teachers’ salaries, is at the heart of his campaign.

“We are ranked abysmally low when it comes to teacher salaries compared to other states,” said Trevillian.

He also supports the increase in the minimum wage.

“Another increase in the minimum wage will not only help all working families in Virginia, especially in an area like Pittsylvania County, but also the wages of janitorial staff, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, and other school-related staff,” he said.

Raising the minimum wage will also reduce the need for parents to have two or three jobs to make ends meet and allow them to spend more time with their children helping them prepare for school to improve their academic performance, he added.

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