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The online dentures store provides doctor-directed, at-home, and affordable custom dentures.

DentKits is pleased to share that it has updated its website with a new assessment test for patients to determine the right dentures for their needs. The test for online denture assessment takes about 30 seconds to a minute. Customers need to answer a few questions regarding their teeth, age group, and contact details. They can choose a product based on their specific needs, such as all teeth missing, missing 3 or more teeth, missing 1–2 teeth, and crooked or discolored teeth. The process is similar to the one done in a dental clinic, and patients can get full dentures online, partial dentures, Nesbit for a single tooth, and flipper teeth.

DentKits is an online dentures store that helps customers get custom, affordable dentures online without the need to visit a dental clinic.

DentKits offers full dentures with the same quality, durability, fit, and aesthetics as clinical dentures from the comfort of one’s home. Backed by the newest 3D printing, combined with advanced tele-dentistry technology, this online dentures store provides dentist-prescribed full dentures online without needing a visit to the clinic, multiple appointments, and embarrassing tests. For full dentures, what could cost around $2,200 in a normal dental office would cost only $950 here at DentKits for both the upper and lower jaw and $500 for either upper or lower dentures.

DentKits dentures fit the gums like a glove and allow patients to return to their normal life, eating the food they love and adorning a confident smile. The company uses advanced 3D imaging and teledentistry, and the same details are sent to the licensed dentist in the region. The case file would include impression scans, basic patient information, and denture design. The dentists will review the information. Printing will not be initiated until the dentures are prescribed by the dentist. DentKits, on behalf of customers, will answer any questions the doctor might have.

When choosing dentures online, customers must consider factors such as the type of denture, i.e., full, partial, removable, etc.; their budget; the material, i.e., porcelain or acrylic; and other special features. The 30-second online denture assessment is the best way to determine the best dentures. Once a customer chooses a product, they will be sent an impression kit. Customers are required to complete the impressions and send them back. DentKits dentures store then takes care of the design, prescription, printing, and shipping of dentures. For those looking for affordable dentures online, look no further than DentKits. Its dentures are printed using the best equipment in digital denture technology. They last as long as the regular dentures, provided they are taken care of and well maintained.

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DentKits is an online dentures store that helps customers get custom, affordable dentures online without the need to visit a dental clinic. Backed by advanced tele-dentistry, these dentures are prescribed by a licensed dentist in a state. With their 3D scanning, in-house design, and print technology, DentKits provides cutting-edge from-home dentures, including full dentures, partial dentures, flipper teeth, and Nesbit dentures.


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