Districts supply distance studying for college kids with well being issues

CENTRAL NEW YORK (WSYR) – Denise Cueto is a mother of three in the Syracuse City School District. She said distance learning worked for her family last year.

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“You have achieved most of the improved students through virtual work,” said Cueto. With we’re still in the middle of the pandemic and concerns about the Delta variant, she was hoping they could move on to distance learning.

This year is different. “I got a letter from the school saying we can’t do virtual learning unless they have a health problem,” said Cueto.

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Almost all school districts in the region have a similar plan. You want the students to study full-time again with the distance option via BOCES for students with previous illnesses.

“They have a medical certificate that says the child shouldn’t return to face-to-face study five days a week like everyone else will,” said Tom Colabfuo, superintendent of Central Square. “You will be able to have that remote option.”

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Districts do not have the staff or the resources to offer remote options beyond what is currently on the table. Colabufo said while many districts received federal funding, having the BOCES option with their own distance learning teachers is costly.

“We are a 3,700 student district,” added Colabufo. “If only 400 would choose it, we would have to settle for about 18 million dollars.”

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If parents are concerned about their personal superintendent, Colabufo, they can home-school their children, which was an option even before COVID. Colabufo added whatever a family would apply for for the entire school year.

The deadlines for your decision and the submission of documents vary, so check with your child’s district.

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