Dr. Brian Capogna, M.D. Main Orthopedic Surgeon Explains Cartilage Accidents

How to Identify Cartilage Injuries and Provide Timely Treatment

Dr. Brian Capogna, a leading orthopedic surgeon explains how to identify cartilage injuries and provide timely treatment. Cartilage injuries are caused by accidents or overuse of our joints. It is a kind of joint damage that can be caused from repetitive motion, trauma, or regular wear and tear. Sometimes these injuries are painful. Patients will experience stiffness, a popping sound when moving or bending the joint, locking at the joint, and pain. Cartilage is a collagen-based connective tissue with a primary task of protecting the bones from rubbing against each other.

How to Identify and Treat Cartilage Injuries
Dr. Brian Capogna, MD Orthopaedic Surgery

Cartilage injuries are often difficult to diagnose as there are no specific exam findings and focal injury can be difficult to detect on simple X-rays. However, these injuries can provide certain clues to help people determine if they have a cartilage injury. The first symptom is joint pain and swelling. These are the earlier signs and patients experience pain when the joint is under pressure. The swelling in the joint is a good enough reason to visit the doctor as a precautionary measure. Other symptoms include cracking or popping sounds that come from the joint. Cartilage provides cushioning and these sounds can be signs that the cushioning is beginning to tear or break down. These symptoms can worsen with time and getting medical attention early can prevent lasting damage.

Dr. Brian Capogna, M.D. suggests patients visit their nearest orthopedic sports medicine specialist for a proper diagnosis. New York residents can always book an appointment and visit Dr. Capogna for an evaluation. The initial diagnosis is conducted with the help of an X-ray followed by an MRI. Most cartilage injuries can be treated with rest and physical therapy to reduce inflammation and improve the range of motion in the affected area. In severe cases, Dr. Brian Capogna suggests surgery based on the extent of damage to the cartilage. A cartilage transplant surgery can be performed in younger patients with smaller isolated areas of damage to their cartilage. The recovery time for cartilage injuries varies from person to person depending on the severity of the damage and the treatment provided.

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