DriverZ by IMPROVLearning Shares Updates on Meeting Invoice 645

It supports speed cameras as a necessary step toward reducing accidents and ensuring public safety in California.

DriverZ by IMPROVLearning is pleased to share crucial updates on the Assembly Bill 645, which was amended recently by the Senate. As part of the speed safety system pilot program, the basic speed law prohibits car drivers from driving at a speed greater than the reasonable speed, given the traffic, visibility, weather, and highway conditions. The bill will be in force until January 1, 2031, wherein certain cities are provided a green signal to adopt the Speed Safety System Pilot Program.

DriverZ is a community that provides access to 25+ years of unique research on traffic safety and training to meet the driving needs of everyone in the family.

DriverZ has proudly endorsed the above bill as it feels that speed cameras are necessary for public safety in California. The pilot program will authorize the installation of speed cameras on city streets with speed-related issues and school zones. The cities selected for the program are Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Glendale, and Long Beach in California.

At DriverZ, we have always championed the importance of creating a safer driving environment for all,” said Gary Alexander, CEO of IMPROVLearning.

“We firmly believe that speed cameras, when implemented responsibly and transparently, can play a crucial role in reducing collisions and fatalities on our roads,” added Gary.

DriverZ views the program as a valuable training aid for drivers as it strengthens the importance of following traffic rules and adhering to speed limits. The California Traffic School provides comprehensive driver education courses to empower new drivers with the right knowledge, tools, and skills to help them become responsible drivers. As the pilot program is in full swing in California, the company remains committed to supporting decisions and measures taken by authorities to prioritize public safety, thereby contributing to a secure driving environment.

Meanwhile, at DriverZ, learners benefit from the world’s most effective driver training system, the S.P.I.D.E.R. Method™. This method was developed by some of the top behavioral and driving experts in the world. The program aims to provide students with a simple set of tools that will help them make safer choices while on the road and avoid collisions. This takes California’s driving education to a whole new level. It is as good as detecting danger even before it happens. Drivers will learn to develop and rely on their sixth sense while driving. The California traffic school helps new learners and other drivers with all their requirements, whether getting a license or finding permit requirements, completing the state-approved SPIDER Drivers Ed online, taking a DMV practice test, and much more.

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About DriverZ

DriverZ is a community that provides access to 25+ years of unique research on traffic safety and training to meet the driving needs of everyone in the family. The mission of this community is to save lives with safe driving practices. It was started a couple of decades ago with the simple concept that driver education should not be boring. During these years, it partnered with IMPROV Comedy Club, a top Hollywood talent, and engaged with behavioral and driving experts to make driving education fun and instrumental.


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