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Duein’Dog’Chapman says that “nothing stands in the way” of his next wedding to Francie Fran.

The 68-year-old TV personality is set to marry Francie on September 2, but the wedding has ripped his family apart as his two daughters Cecily Chapman and Bonnie Chapman weren’t invited.

But the dog said “the bulk” of his family would be around and “nothing” wouldn’t stop him from tying the knot with Francie next month.

He said to Us weekly: I love all children and it’s great that so many people celebrate here.

“We spent a lot of time being perfect and believing in me. Nothing stands in our way. “

The news came after Bonnie recently claimed that her father had not invited her to the wedding because of “deciding to take part in a social justice protest.”

Bonnie also “forgave” the dog’s “most wanted” star in “the myriad acts I shouldn’t do,” including his infidelity after his mother Beth Chapman died in 2019.

However, Dog, who was married to Beth from 2006 until his death, denied their allegations, saying:

“You’ve gotten into an awful crowd and you’re working with the wrong people. I know not only because I’ve dealt with them, but also because I’ve arrested myself before.

“They are my daughters and I love them, but they will learn. It is sad that they cannot attend the wedding. “

Meanwhile, Dog and Francie have issued a statement that Cecily and Bonnie are not on the wedding guest list.

They said, “We love Cecily and Bonnie as much as we do the whole family. We pray every day for their health and happiness.

“Beyond this statement, we want to keep family matters secret.”

Duane’Dog’Chapman: Nothing stands in the way of my wedding | Entertainment news

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