Eastbourne Marriage ceremony Photographer Triumphs at Worldwide Pictures Awards

The prestigious recognition ranks Alex Buckland 4th in the UK and 30th in the world.

In an extraordinary display of talent and creativity, local wedding photographer Alex Buckland has soared to international acclaim by securing nine Artistic Guild awards in the fourth round of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) contest held in January 2024. Alex’s remarkable achievement, winning 9 out of 10 entries, has not only put him on the global map by ranking 30th overall in the world but also highlighted his exceptional skills within the UK, placing him 4th nationally.

Alex Buckland Photography is a studio owned and operated by Alex Buckland, an award-winning wedding photographer based in Eastbourne, covering the south of the UK.
Alex Buckland Photography

Alex Buckland, known for his unique ability to capture the essence of each wedding through his lens, covers weddings across the south of the UK from his base in Eastbourne. His success in the 2023 WPJA Artistic Guild awards, particularly in his first year of entry, underscores the exceptional quality of his work and his dedication to the art of wedding photojournalism.

The WPJA, renowned for its commitment to authentic, candid photography, represents the pinnacle of international recognition in the field. To be acknowledged by such a prestigious body is a testament to Alex’s artistic vision and his ability to tell compelling stories through his photographs. His achievement in the latest round of awards has not only set a high benchmark for his peers but has also served as an inspiration to aspiring photographers worldwide.

As he reflects on this significant milestone, Buckland is already looking to the future with optimism and determination.

“Winning these awards was beyond my expectations, and it’s a fantastic feeling to be recognized for doing what I love,” said Alex. “I’m eager to build on this success and continue to capture those unrepeatable moments that make each wedding unique. Here’s to an even more successful year ahead!”

Couples in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and Hampshire who want stunning and creative portraits can trust Alex Buckland Photography to capture the essence of their big day. With a focus on genuine moments, from smiles to tears, kisses to laughter, and everything in between, he ensures that every fleeting moment is preserved in stunning detail.

For more information about Alex Buckland and to view his award-winning portfolio, visit www.alexbucklandphotography.co.uk.

About Alex Buckland Photography

Alex Buckland Photography is a studio owned and operated by Alex Buckland, an award-winning wedding photographer based in Eastbourne, covering the south of the UK. With a passion for capturing the genuine moments that define a wedding day, Buckland’s approach to photography is rooted in the principles of photojournalism. His work has been recognized internationally, earning him numerous awards and accolades in the field. The wedding photographer offers services to clients in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire.



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Alex Buckland Photography

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