EvenMix® Companions with Water Therapy Plant in Titusville, FL

It addresses the increasing demand for EvenMix® mixers by water treatment departments worldwide for mixing polymers in IBCs.

EvenMix® is pleased to announce that it has partnered with a water treatment plant in Titusville, FL, for mixing polymers in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). There has been an increasing demand for EvenMix® mixers from water treatment departments around the world. These mixers have become the top choice because of their distinctive mixing blade setup and lightweight design, making it easy for a one-man operation.

EvenMix brings true mixing technology to in-drum liquids across industries.

The spokespersons at EvenMix recently visited Titusville, FL, and were thrilled to see how EvenMix® was transforming the water treatment operations there. Ed Birmingham, a citizen and an esteemed representative from the city, was kind enough to share his insights and experiences mixing with EvenMix. One of the major reasons that drew them to these products was the fact that the equipment was extremely light in weight. Second is that the mixers demonstrated an incredible level of capacity in mixing polymers. The third reason was the operational advantage that the mixers brought to the drums.

The fact that the mixers were lightweight gave the technicians the flexibility to install them single-handedly. Other mixers in the market are not only heavy but need at least two people to stabilize the shaft and place it inside the drums or totes. EvenMix mixers can be handled effortlessly and have proved excellent at enhancing operational efficiency. The innovative and unique mixing blade configuration is what makes it stand out. The configuration ensures consistent and thorough mixing of polymers. They are versatile, which means they can be used in different applications and a variety of liquids.

Coming to performance, mixing with EvenMix is truly effortless, thanks to its high-speed motor that operates at an amazing range of up to 20,000 RPM. The motor is so potent that it delivers impeccable mixing and is considered an exceptional feature, especially in water treatment applications. Those purchasing EvenMix mixers can be assured they are investing in a solution, not just a product. This solution can improve operations beyond expectations. Anyone looking to elevate their drums’ and totes’ mixing capabilities should call the office immediately. The team can suggest the right mixer, including the IBC tote mixers, tank mixers, drum mixers, and more. All it takes is just a phone call to optimize the operational efficiency backed by high-quality output.

To learn more, visit https://evenmix.com/mixing-polymers-in-titusville-fl/.

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EvenMix brings true mixing technology to in-drum liquids across industries. The company offers the most innovative mixers of all time that evenly mix any kind of liquid with any consistency. IBC tote mixers, drum mixers, tank mixers, and clamp mount mixers are the core products featured here. These blades are currently used in agriculture, beverage, chemicals, ink paint and coatings, lawn and tree fertilizers, oil gas and mining, personal care and CBD, polymer adhesive resin, and water treatment industries.


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