Famend Actor and Creator Capt. Dale A. Dye Chronicles the Brutal Battle of Peleliu for The Armory Life™

The Armory Life™ is proud to announce that respected military consultant, actor, director and writer Capt. Dale Dye, USMC (Ret) has authored an article on the Battle of Peleliu

The Armory Life™ is proud to announce that respected military consultant, actor, director and writer Capt. Dale Dye, USMC (Ret) has authored an article on the Battle of Peleliu, one of the most brutal encounters in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

The Battle of Peleliu began with an amphibious assault 79 years ago this week, with the First Marine Division landing men on a little patch of hell. Their mission was to smash the Japanese defenders and seize airfields to support the liberation of the Philippines. What was supposed to take four days lasted nearly three months and exposed these heroes to some of the most horrific fighting World War II offered.

Telling the story, Capt. Dale A. Dye, USMC (ret.) recounts the brutal combat and shows us what the island looks like today. As the Senior Military Advisor to the critically acclaimed HBO series “The Pacific”, Capt. Dye traveled to Peleliu to see the terrain firsthand. What he found on the island was unbelievable — from live Japanese mortar rounds in reinforced caves to U.S. armor left in silent testimony to the brave men who answered their nation’s call.

“While serving with the 1st Marine Division, I ran into some aging vets who told me if I really wanted to learn about what a meat-grinder the Pacific was, I should study Peleliu,” said Capt. Dye. “Visiting that remote island brought it all home for me. I’m hoping readers will feel some of the same awed respect I found standing on the beaches and climbing the coral mountains where so many Marines and soldiers paid the ultimate price.”

In addition to this article, Capt. Dye has written numerous other articles for The Armory Life, both in its digital and print mediums. You can find a collection of his articles on the website, and his piece on American armor in the Vietnam War is featured in the current Fall 2023 issue of the print magazine.

“We could not be more honored to have Capt. Dye as a contributor,” said Mike Humphries, editor of The Armory Life. “Everyone on our team is a huge fan of his work, so we obviously jumped at the opportunity to have him create content for The Armory Life. We look forward to running many more of his pieces in the future.”

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