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Special Focus on Acupuncture Advice and Unique Insights into Natural Health Practices is now updated with a host of articles on stress management techniques, acupuncture, vertigo, etc., with a special focus on natural health practices. Luz Chacon, Editor-in-Chief and LA based wellness coach, health coach and her team of certified health and wellness coaches have been helping the wellness community i.e. the readers and visitors with various stress management techniques, acupuncture advice and unique insights on natural health.

Find It Health was started by a Wellness Coach Team, with the Editor-In-Chief Luz Chacon

The team here is passionate about preventive health and are dedicated to helping workaholics and stressed-out employees understand the importance of prioritizing and practicing self-care. Their holistic approaches are designed to recognize the elements that are the main causes of stress. Career goals, finances, relationships, lifestyle, spirituality, etc. can influence a person’s overall well-being. This site offers information, resources, and techniques to overcome the challenges.

Readers can find information on Spinal Stenosis, a debilitating back pain originating from the lumbar spine region. The pain can stop a person from walking long distances and can also interfere with bowel and bladder functionality. Acupuncture is one of the most effective natural health treatments for Spinal Stenosis. The article talks about the causes, treatments, procedures and important insights on how one can fix this issue without surgery.

Readers who want to dive more into the topic can also learn about the difference between dry needle therapy and acupuncture. The author talks about why dry needling is illegal and why it is important to approach a qualified, trained, and licensed acupuncturist. States such as California, Washington, New York, Hawaii, and Oregon have made dry needle therapy illegal. Only a licensed acupuncturist or physical therapist with proper credentials can perform dry needling therapy. Dry needling is useful in neuromusculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia pain, and similar conditions. While acupuncture can be used for pain, anxiety, stress relief, digestive disorders, allergies, fatigue, etc.

Readers can also find information on how acupuncture can help vertigo. This condition makes a person feel as though their surroundings are spinning. They feel sudden dizziness most of the times leading to stress and anxiety. It is not a major condition but a symptom of underlying inner brain or ear pathology. This can be managed with acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice that was and is still practiced in Asian countries. Studies have proven that the practice is effective on stomach pains, bloating, gas and other varied conditions, including menstrual cramps. The website also features popular articles on Chinese stress remedies, natural stress remedies, caffeine vs sugar, setting intellectual goals, ideals in life, acupuncture for hormones and more.

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Find It Health was started by a Wellness Coach Team, with the Editor-In-Chief Luz Chacon in charge of content, who comes with more than 30 years of health-work experience. Luz is a wellness coach, educator, consultant and EFT tapping practitioner; and has been running a private coaching and consulting practice for over 6 years. Luz has also worked with different health and social service organizations, educational institutions and corporate wellness companies.



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