Flag error results in complaints | Authorities and politics

There were several complaints on Monday after a mistake was made as to which day the flags were hoisted from the half-staff.

Mark Marberry

During the St. Francois District Commission meeting on Tuesday, Chairman Commissioner Harold Gallaher raised some complaints that had been received about when the flags should be hoisted on the district buildings when they were half-occupied.

“Our maintenance people use a website,” he said. “At the beginning of last week we lowered the flags in memory of the people who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

“The website said we should fly the flags on Sunday August 30th. They got the date wrong, Monday was August 30. Our boys put them back up on Sunday.

“We’ve had all kinds of grief. We’ve had people coming in and talking angry on the phone. It’s all the social media junk that caused it all. We were told, but we didn’t pick up that date.”

County Clerk Kevin Engler stated that only the President or Governor makes decisions about flags.

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“They have no legal permission to raise and lower the flags,” he said. “I had to do an invoice years ago. Until a few years ago, no one except the President had permission to do so.

“You have to follow the instructions, you do not have the discretion to increase or decrease them. Our maintenance staff must follow the specified instructions, they cannot make their own decision.

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