FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Priscilla Training and Leisure Celebrates 20 Years of Success in Kids’s Leisure

It specializes in the animation of birthday parties, Piazza festivals, school shows, weddings, and large events.

Monica Priscilla of Priscilla Education and Entertainment is pleased to share that they are celebrating 20 successful years in business offering children entertainment. Animazione Feste Bambini specializes in organizing incredible events for children, adults, and everyone in between. Monica takes this opportunity to thank all their clients, patrons, partners, and her team for supporting and being a crucial part of this journey. Apart from being an entertainer and an entrepreneur, Monica is also a coach, trainer, and pedagogist in Milan, Lombardy, and other cities in Italy.

Animazione Feste Bambini is a division of Priscilla Education and Entertainment founded by Monica Priscilla in 2006.
Animazione Feste Bambini

Dr. Monica Lombardi, a pedagogy teacher and business trainer, kept her role separate from children’s entertainment. As years passed, she felt the need to integrate both aspects to create magical experiences for children and adults, so she formed Animazione Feste Bambini, which provided educational value and contributed to the overall well-being of guests who attended the events. Monica rose to fame when she introduced “Pedagogy of Joy,” an innovative educational method that was highly appreciated and accepted. Her love for children grew stronger with time, and this is what motivated her for the past two decades she spent in the world of education, teaching, and entertainment through Animazione Feste Bambini.

Monica describes herself as interested, attentive, and motivated to excel in the complex world of education and entertainment. Since 2001, Monica has worn several hats as an entertainer, educator, teacher, music therapy expert, trainer, and educational psychologist with educators, adolescents, and parents. Aside from a master’s degree in music therapy and a doctorate in Educational Science and Pedagogical Sciences, she also obtained several certifications in the theatrical and animation fields. Monica, along with her Animazione Compleanni Bambini team, organizes parties and events with a methodical approach. She personally chooses collaborators who are competent animators and trains them accordingly.

Based in Lombardy, Monica and her team are always available to organize events in Milan, Monza, Pavia, Lodi, Como, Lecco, Brescia, Bergamo, and related provinces. Animazione Compleanni Bambini offers more than 30 different formats that are a combination of educational and entertainment elements. The formats have been carefully designed to cater to various party themes and suit the varied preferences of children. From themed parties to puppet shows, ecology-themed shows to classic parties featuring magic and bubbles, each event can be personalized according to the child’s age and liking. Animazione Feste Bambini has organized many events, from superhero-themed parties to Frozen-themed parties, where one of the staff members would dress up as the main character. Some special attractions are added to the event to make it educational, formative, and memorable for children. The Animazione Compleanni Bambini themes were so successful that they consistently received 5-star reviews from their clients.

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About Animazione Feste Bambini

Animazione Feste Bambini is a division of Priscilla Education and Entertainment founded by Monica Priscilla in 2006. What started as a personal project has become a huge business that manages all kinds of small, mid-sized, and large events. The company specializes in the animation of birthday parties and entertainment for large events and weddings for guests of all age groups.


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