Forbes Names Micah Kelley A Finest In State Wealth Advisor In 2023 For Pennsylvania

Micah Kelley is a Partner and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor at The Kelley Financial Group.

The Kelley Financial Group is excited to announce that for the second consecutive year, Forbes has named Micah Kelley a Pennsylvania Best-In-State Wealth Advisor.

According to Forbes, “Recent bank failures at home and abroad are again putting recession fears front and center especially given the Federal Reserve’s resolve in raising interest rates to quell persistent inflation. The steady hand of a seasoned wealth advisor is needed now more than ever, as financial professionals everywhere double down to preserve and reallocate client assets.”

Forbes Names Micah Kelley A Best In State Wealth Advisor In 2023 For Pennsylvania
Forbes Names Micah Kelley A Best In State Wealth Advisor In 2023 For Pennsylvania

Micah Kelley is a Partner and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor at The Kelley Financial Group. For 14 years his areas of focus have included giving advice on: retirement planning, wealth management planning, small business retirement planning, and education planning strategies.

The group has over 75 years of combined financial planning experience. Each advisor on the team is licensed and qualified to counsel on matters pertaining to their individual expertise. They believe in building long-term relationships, based on knowledge and integrity.


The Kelley Financial Group is a team of financial advisors in Pittsburgh, each with varying backgrounds and specialties. They work in conjunction with each other, and strategic partners, to produce a holistic methodology. They believe this holistic approach provides the maximum benefit to clients.

Micah and The Kelley Financial Group are committed to assisting their clients along the journey to financial freedom. They understand that comprehensive financial planning allows them to uncover and understand the true needs, goals, and concerns of each client. Emphasizing the importance of comprehensive financial planning, they strive to positively impact their client’s lives; demonstrating this by continually communicating with clients throughout any situation.

The firm helps clients take control of their current finances by assisting them to make a budget, manage their debt, plan for emergency funds, and set aside for future goals, but they can also help with much more. The following is a non-inclusive list of areas The Kelley Financial Group offers expertise in:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Small Businesses

  • Family Finances
  • Charitable Giving

  • Estate Planning
  • Wealth Management

  • Education Planning
    • Planning for college

  • Investments
  • Social Security

  • Insurances

Their goal, as financial advisors, is to help clients pursue their financial goals and help make their lives more financially efficient. To do this, they utilize comprehensive wealth management and financial planning tools customized to their client’s needs and goals.


Contact details:

The Kelley Financial Group

1605 Carmody Ct #301 Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143

(412) 528-1920

[email protected]

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