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Welcomes the latter’s readers into the fold of its fast growing community

Gracefull Plate has recently acquired another popular platform and has welcomed its readers into its vast and loyal community.

The importance of leading a healthy lifestyle is preserved on people. And one also understands that the way to a healthy body and mind is through food. However, despite their best intentions, focusing on and keeping up with a healthy diet can take time and effort. That’s where this platform created by professional chef Justin Roberts offered a much-needed helping hand to people with specific dietary goals.

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Gracefull Plate

Gracefull Plate came into being to offer inspiration to readers to create healthier meals for their entire families. Justin Roberts has spent years researching different kinds of diets and healthy foods and is sharing that information on the comprehensive platform. These insights have hit the right spot with readers, and the glowing reviews it has received are a testament to it.

It’s interesting to note that Justin has focused on Keto and Paleo diets, which are known to have phenomenal benefits. Moreover, he pays great attention to whole foods, which are nutritious for the body. He has used the understanding he has gained and combined them with culinary skills to create new recipes surrounding these diets. These recipes are also meant to be budget-friendly, and readers have been following them on

From The Best Paleo Spicy Ranch Deviled Eggs to How To Make The Perfect Fluffy Paleo Pancakes, the website has many recipes readers can benefit from. They can explore a vast array of options on the platform that has all the information neatly organized into categories for readers’ convenience. The special section on Keto diets also takes readers through the journey of delicious recipes that suit their health needs.

Gracefull Plate has it all covered when it comes to information about whole foods as well. For example, there is a lot of conversation about Chia Seeds, yet there needs to be more clarity around them. From understanding their benefits to shedding light on the difference between good and bad chia seeds, white and black chia seeds, for that matter, the platform has ensured that readers have everything they want to know on a platter.

And that has been the aim of as well, which is how it built its strong following. So the acquisition news is like the coming together of two names passionate about healthy eating and living. Now Gracefull Plate has welcomed the latter’s readers into its fold by committing to offer them all the valuable information they could ask for. It has also unveiled an ingredient avoidance guide for vegans, which is just a taste of the quality of information they can expect on the website.

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Established by professional chef, Justin Roberts, the platform is dedicated to offering inspiration for healthier eating for readers, and has made a name for itself by being a comprehensive resource guide.


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