Hibberts Solicitors Sheds Mild on Settlement Agreements

Experienced settlement agreement solicitors in Cheshire and Shropshire bring top-notch services to employers and employees alike.

Hibberts Solicitors, highly regarded settlement agreement solicitors in Cheshire and Shropshire, offers their expert services to employers and employees who need to draw out compromise agreements.

Since its inception in 1799, Hibberts Solicitors has raised the bar for practical and effective legal solutions for clients in the Cheshire and Shropshire areas. By listening to their clients and making their needs a priority, the firm has won the trust of many. Their 97% recommendation rate and sterling client reviews speak volumes about the quality of services they provide.

Hibberts Solicitors
Hibberts Solicitors

As trusted settlement agreement solicitors for employers and employees in the region, Hibberts Solicitors offers crucial information on these legally binding documents, which, in a work scenario, are entered to waive or settle a claim or potential claim against an employer, normally in return for financial compensation.

Employees are offered settlement agreements to resolve a dispute due to claims of unfair or constructive dismissal, discrimination, or harassment. While these agreements have to be entered voluntarily, it is important to seek advice from reliable settlement agreement solicitors. Seeking independent legal advice is also crucial because there could be post-termination restrictions such as non-confidentiality clauses, which prohibit the employee from working with a competitor.

Settlement agreements often require negotiations, offers, and counter-offers. These discussions occur on a “without prejudice” basis, meaning that any statements made during the talks cannot be used later in a court or tribunal as evidence. It is also crucial to remember that the agreement is not valid unless an independent legal adviser signs it. That’s why the role of settlement agreement solicitors is vital in these agreements.

With its vast experience and expertise in the field, Hibberts Solicitors can review the terms of the document on behalf of the employee and help them understand their options, the merits of any claims, and any potential risks or consequences that may result. The renowned settlement agreement solicitors can also help employers through different stages of the process, including drafting settlement agreements and accompanying documentation.

Hibberts Solicitors could negotiate with the other party, considering factors such as the compensation package and what could be achieved in a court or tribunal or other options besides the settlement agreement, safeguarding the employee’s interests and maintaining a healthy relationship if the employment were to continue.

To learn more about these services and seek advice, visit https://www.hibberts.com/.

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