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It specializes in firewall management services and penetration testing services, apart from cybersecurity and managed IT infrastructures.

HIFENCE has expanded its services, offering customized managed network services, along with a host of other IT services such as firewall management services, penetration testing services, and managed IT infrastructure solutions.. The team of expert IT consultants at HIFENCE comes with decades of experience in areas such as cybersecurity strategy, penetration testing, security architecture, compliance, vulnerability management, network management, security appliances management, and much more. All its services are backed by a unique and holistic approach that considers the organization’s existing solutions and integrates them within the required holistic solutions.

HIFENCE is an IT consulting firm that offers managed cybersecurity and network services in NYC.

HIFENCE IT Consulting in New York has offered cybersecurity and managed network services for countless organizations and companies, protected them from cyberattacks, and helped create a robust and foolproof network environment. The company designs solutions aligned with their clients’ business strategies. Its goal is to convert cybersecurity from a cost center to a business enabler. This way, businesses will stay secure, perform efficiently, and thrive. HIFENCE offers expert advice and aims to be a reliable IT partner. It has experience working on time-sensitive projects and providing on-demand resources. Its IT consulting firm’s managed network services are designed to keep its clients’ network infrastructure up and running every second of the day.

HIFENCE solutions are broadly classified into managed IT security and cybersecurity and networking. Its firewall management services fall under managed IT security solutions and are designed to offer protection from data breaches. HIFENCE security experts come with decades of combined experience in every aspect of firewall management that allows them to provide the highest level of protection of the infrastructure. The team conducts comprehensive management and monitoring of the company’s firewall operations. Along with managed SIEM, firewall management delivers a rapid overview to address the company’s cybersecurity risks.

HIFENCE also offers penetration testing services, which are provided as the best defense against sophisticated security attacks and ransomware attacks. The penetration testing experts wear the black hats of the most hard-to-beat hackers trying to find the weaknesses in the system. Once they find those weaknesses, they put on their white hats back to help mitigate those weaknesses, find appropriate solutions, and help implement fixes. They do everything that malevolent hackers do to try to gain unauthorized access. HIFENCE penetration testing services are the best investment organizations can make to keep their reputation intact by avoiding ransomware and similar attacks.

To learn more, visit https://www.hifence.com/new-york-city-it-consulting-professional-services/.


HIFENCE is an IT consulting firm that offers managed cybersecurity and network services in NYC. It offers customized solutions to address the specific needs of its clients. It caters to organizations in various niches, including retail, mass media, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, finance, and hospitality.


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