High 10 World Information: Pakistan Accuses US Of Covid, Remaining As A Teething Illness, And Extra, World Information

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that the United States treats Pakistan differently because of its partnership with India. On the other hand, China has ordered the Lithuanian envoy to leave Beijing over the Taiwan dispute. In coronavirus news, a group of scientists claimed that COVID-19 may behave like other cold coronaviruses in the next few years and especially affect young children who have not yet been vaccinated or exposed to the virus. Canada officials announced on Wednesday that a digital Vaccination certificate will be made available over the next few months and will help Canadians travel abroad.

Khan regrets that Pak is good for the US just to clean up the Afghan chaos, India a strategic ally

Despite the importance of this initiative, which seeks to end the US so-called “endless war”, US President Joe Biden has not spoken to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan since taking office.

In just a few years, COVID-19 can become a mostly childhood disease: Study

The American-Norwegian team noted that the overall burden of this disease is expected to decrease as the SARS-CoV-2 virus becomes endemic in the world’s population as the severity of COVID-19 is generally lower in children.

The state of Texas declares gender-affirming surgery a form of child abuse

The Texas Commissioner for Family and Protection Services on Wednesday classified genital gender confirmation procedures for trans youths as child abuse.

China urges Lithuania’s envoy to leave Beijing over the Taiwan dispute

After Lithuania allowed Taiwan to set up an office under its own name in the country, China asked Lithuania to call its envoy to Beijing.

World Elephant Day 2021: Save the species before it’s too late

Today three species live among us, the African forest elephant, the African bush elephant and the Asian elephant. Unfortunately, they are a target for poachers and threatened by increasing deforestation through habitat loss. Scroll down to find out more.

The Jamaican athlete thanks the volunteer in Tokyo 2020 who paid his taxi money

While trying to get to the venue on time, he met a volunteer named Tiana, and although she wasn’t allowed to do much, she loaned him money for a taxi straight to the venue.

Tokyo: Large pumpkin sculpture thrown by a Japanese sea storm

A huge black and yellow dotted pumpkin sculpture, created by Yayoi Kusama, is the pride of the “Art of the Island” of the land of Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea.

Who is the beast Australian teenager faces five years in prison for forcing quokka to vape

In a recently released video, a quokka – a marsupial known as a short-tailed scrub wallaby – is seen standing on its hind legs and curiously licking an e-cigarette, which it assumed was food. A young girl shoved the device down the vulnerable animal’s throat, forcing it to vaporize.

Ghaziabad second most polluted city in 2020; China’s Hotan first

Out of the 50 “most polluted cities” in the world, the Indian city of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh took second place.

Canada plans to introduce digital vaccination records shortly

Following the announcement of restrictions on unvaccinated people, Canada will issue a digital vaccination record for citizens who want to travel abroad.

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