High FractionalCFOs.com Releases 2023 Rankings for High 10 Fractional CFOs

Robust Ranking Methodology Using Proprietary Algorithm for Unbiased Results

Top Fractional CFOs is pleased to release the 2023 rankings for the top 10 fractional CFOs. This platform is made available as a public resource for those who are seeking information about the virtual CFO industry. Every year, some of the leading firms are ranked based on various parameters and with the help of an algorithmic approach, these firms will be ranked from 1 to 10. The ranking order is derived through an algorithm based on: annual revenue, fee structure, analysis of case studies, number of ancillary services or practice areas, client satisfaction, the experience of management, executive thought leadership, and editorial input.

The list is derived with the help of a proprietary algorithm that weighs several factors, as mentioned above. These rankings will help organizations, businesses and executives make informed decisions while hiring a CFO or a CFO firm. Although the data might not be entirely reliable as it is provided by the firms themselves, those hiring these firms must do their due diligence before hiring one. Organizations that want to be listed in the Top Fractional CFO list must have the reach with a national footprint, at least five years of experience providing virtual CFO services, and must have worked with a minimum of 100 clients in the past three years.

This platform is great for virtual CFOs and those looking for one. It is a great way to get showcased to a wider client base and not limited to one state or area. The #1 in the list is Pro Business Plans, an exclusive network of 30+ fractional CFOs with direct experience in over 60+ industries followed by #2 Preferred CFO which has a sound network of outsourced CFOs & controllers and extensive experience developing financial strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes. At #3 is PARO from Miami, FL which is known for offering a growth platform that helps businesses navigate through challenges and plan for long-term success.

The list continues with Toptal, Pilot, IgniteSpot, Newport, CRI CPAs and Advisors, Fully Accountable, and JordanCPA. Fractional CFOs are consultants providing financial planning and advice on a need basis, not permanent employees. Business owners across all niches might need a CFO, especially if the business is undergoing growth. Many financial challenges might arise such as managing cash flow, raising capital, or even developing forecast models. This is where our CFO comes into play. Apart from helping with all the above challenges, a CFO can also help prepare the business for sale.

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Top Fractional CFOs is a public resource that helps executives and organizations find information about the CFO industry and the best firm that can guide the FP&A process. This site provides rankings of top fractional CFOs annually based on a proprietary algorithmic approach. Top Fractional CFOs do not endorse any organization or accept advertising payments from listed firms, employers, partners, suppliers or vendors.



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