House well being care businesses take up losses after switching no-fault insurance coverage

LANSING, Michigan (WLNS) – The latest flawless changes cut funding for home nursing services that care for victims of car accidents.

The owner of Bright Star Care in East Lansing tells me the changes will cut reimbursement by 45% from the agencies. He lost more than 10 employees as a result of this great loss. He says his company may not be able to accept car accidents if nothing changes.

Michigan’s Recent Flawless Insurance Policy c “We can’t take so long to lose with our current auto customers,” said Chris Miller, owner of Bright Star Care in East Lansing.

The process of reimbursing car accidents has changed dramatically.
“As of July 2nd, everything has been declined and it says we need to resubmit Medicare coding and Medicare billing processes, which we’ve never had to do before,” Miller said.

He says the agency pays the nurses the same rate despite the cuts, but he can’t do it much longer.

“They wanted something more specific that they could rely on, and since they couldn’t promise them the car cases, many of them gave up,” Miller said.

Several families of their customers have to step in.
“The families are struggling, they are burned out, they are tired,” he said.

The state is giving agencies across Michigan a total of $ 25 million to reimburse them the difference until they find a solution, but Miller says it’s an even longer process due to problems with insurance billing.

“At this point, you have 90 days before we can even try to apply for a portion of that $ 25 million fund,” he said.

He says his concern is with the most vulnerable victims, who will receive no help if things don’t change.
“Let’s fix that, and let’s do it right down the line, and let’s do it for the casualties who they didn’t ask to be in the position they are in now,” Miller said.

State Senator Mike Shirkey said 6 news lawmakers want to see the numbers before they do anything. For now, home health programs can apply for the $ 25 million, but it’s not clear when the money will be distributed.

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