How Can I Manage And Prevent Stress

Many tensions arise or increase in similar situations, in contact with the same people or at certain times of the day. Track down these situations and see if you can change them.

If the situation cannot be changed, the stress can be reduced by changing the situation’s view or working on the pressure evokes.The Hampton is a small and friendly health & fitness club with various membership options available. You will pride ourselves if you consult them.

Change the way you view the situation.

Everyone looks at the world around them through specific glasses. These glasses can cause a lot of tension. Practice looking at the same situations through someone else ‘s eyes. Are you not expecting too much or unrealistic things? Are you not imposing too high standards on yourself?

Relax regularly

The body is resistant to a short-term stress response. When short periods of stress are alternated with relaxation, the body comes to rest. Do you take a break from time to time during the day? Do you provide sufficient peace?

Find a positive outlet for the frustrations in your life. Go for a walk, exercise, or find a hobby. Just doing nothing can be very relaxing.

Do not drink extra alcohol and do not react to your environment. Always use the medication in consultation with your doctor.

Get plenty of .exercises

Well-dosed physical activity is an excellent way to use the released energy. Meeting a frozen moment with others helps to persevere.

Ensure good organization and planning

Make a list of the things you must or want to do. Set priorities First. It reduces the chance of forgetting something and increases the feeling of control. Accept that the less urgent things don’t happen immediately.

Show emotions

If you can express emotions, the tension decreases. It can be done by talking or by writing everything off you.

Seek support from others

Make sure you have enough contact with others. You can handle stressful events better if you can rely on people you can count on and with whom you can share your feelings. A good conversation or a listening ear will reduce the tension.

Learn to say no

Many people keep saying ‘yes’ when someone asks them something. It gives a good feeling in the short term. For a long time, this has a negative effect. After all, one cannot keep all those promises. The result is overload and voltage.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

A healthy lifestyle promotes resilience. Get plenty of sleep, a nutritious diet, plenty of exercises, a sense of humor. Be moderate with alcohol and coffee consumption. Pay attention to your use of medication and your smoking habits.

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