How To Buy Your First Drum Set: The 5 Highest Points To Consider

Any aspiring musician is extremely excited when he or she buys their first drum set. This is the place to learn about the drums, whether you’re just looking for an inner rhythm, or you’re looking to get your child started on the drums early.

You can refine your musical skills and get more out of your drumming gear with this investment. It is important to consider the following factors before buying a Best Electronic Drum Set if you have never owned a drum set before.

You’re welcome to take a seat on the throne this time around—because I’d like to take you through everything you need to know before buying your first drum kit.


1.  When it comes to Drum Sets, what is included? Are you looking for a number of pieces?

It is important to know how many pieces of a drum set you need before buying one. It may be better to start small and keep it simple for new drummers based on their level of proficiency and budget.

Most beginner drums come in five or six-piece sets. There are a total of four drums included within the bundle. If you’ve got a snare, a bass, and a tom, you have a five-piece set.

When taking a look at drum sets, it’s vital to realize how many drums you’ll need from the beginning, as well as any additional cymbals or other percussion products you want to purchase.

Some cymbals are included in virtually every inclusive package, such as an override, a crash, and a ride. The cymbals and hardware you need should be purchased separately if you are not buying an inclusive package.

Starting with just the basics is great with drum kits since you can grow into your instrument set with more bells and whistles as you become more proficient.

2.  Are you looking for a drum of a specific size?

You may want to purchase your drum set in a specific size, depending on your space constraints and who will be playing it. Most people refer to one of the larger sizes as a rock set. Their sound is round and deep, but they’re a bit larger than the traditional uprights.

Hybrid and Fusion sets are also drawing increasing interest since they take up less space.

You may want to consider a Junior drum set if you’re shopping for a drummer of a certain age. They’re smaller and shorter, ideal for young musicians looking to rock out. The bass on a Junior set is usually 16” with 8” and 10” tomes.

If you plan to practice for a very long time, the size of your throne will be of paramount importance. Hence, it is a valued investment for some, which is why it is crucial to buy the right throne that can support comfortable playing and proper posture.

3.  Buying Shell Sets: What to look for?

There are manufacturers that sell all-inclusive systems in addition to shell sets. This set consists mostly of drums and the holders. Neither hardware nor cymbals are included in the shell sets, so you would need to buy them separately.

You should also consider purchasing the following when purchasing a shell set:

  • An audio accessory set that includes a high-hat stand
  • An array of cymbals with stands
  • An instrument that uses a snare
  • There are several types of bass pedals
  • There is a throne.
  • The sticks

When it comes to customized instruments/tools, shell sets can be great. Nevertheless, if you’re only looking for essentials, an all-inclusive set might be more suitable for your needs.

4.  Is There a Sound You Like?

The music you buy for your first kit should really reflect your soul. For this reason, choosing the right material depends on what kind of sound you are striving for.

An instrument’s manner of sounding depends on the type of wood it’s made from, for example. The most popular woods are listed below with some of their characteristics.

  • Maple: more harsh lower ribbings create brighter, warmer tones.
  • Birch: powerful high frequencies and strong low-end punch. Ideal for dark tones.
  • Mahogany: very particular bass notes.

Sound is also influenced by the size.

5.  Additionally available add-ons

There are several essential add-ons that you need in addition to the drum set itself if you want to be a successful drummer. Drumsticks aren’t always included in kits surprising!

The following items are also useful:

  • stands for music
  • Is there anything you can do with the amps in your bag?
  • Transport your instruments in soft-bag cases
  • Tons of rings

Check out our hardware and accessories section here for more worthwhile additions.

How to Choose a Drum Set You Can Grow With?

It’s great that drum sets are endlessly customizable and can be changed out as your playing abilities grow. Investing in an affordable high-quality drum kit first can be a great way to start with one that’s rock and roll-sized, but give you all the tools needed to master the basics and find your rhythm.

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