How To Prepare For Your Move

Whether you are a tenant or owner of your home, there is a minimum of 3 months to complete all the operations necessary for a move. It all depends of course on the size of the accommodation, the number of occupants, and the formalities to be completed for the change of address.

Either way, there’s nothing stopping you from anticipating. And you even have every interest in it! Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to know your arrival address to start preparing for your move. You can, in fact, start sorting furniture, clothes, papers, etc. well in advance.

This will avoid moving unnecessary goods and unnecessarily cluttering your arrival accommodation. You will be able to reduce the cost of the move while reducing the time spent packing your personal belongings to be moved.

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Manage formalities related to housing:

In case of rental

Rental leases usually require 3 months notice. However, the notice may be reduced to 1 month in certain special cases, in particular if the apartment is furnished or located in a tight zone. To avoid double rent, it is therefore sometimes necessary to give notice even before having found a new accommodation. In fact, the accommodation available is most often for rent as soon as possible.

It is therefore recommended to start organizing your move as soon as notice is given to the owner. By anticipating, you will have more choice among the movers who will establish the estimate on the basis of your city of arrival. The estimate will then be adjusted to take into account any constraints specific to the accommodation found: access difficulties, special parking conditions, etc.

In case of real estate purchase

If you have decided to buy a home, it is advisable to organize the move as soon as the sales agreement is signed. Most often, it takes 3 to 6 months to obtain the financing and draft the deeds of sale necessary for the change of owner. It’s a comfortable time to organize a move. The date of departure can then be specified according to the progress of the formalities.

Practical tasks that facilitate the move:

Sort through your belongings (furniture, clothes, papers, etc.) This avoids moving unnecessary goods and reduces the cost of the move. You will also be able to minimize the packing work and avoid unnecessarily cluttering your arrival accommodation. Also take advantage of this still calm period to prepare the necessary packaging material: collect cardboard boxes of different sizes, tape, labels …

Empty the freezer

A freezer can hold large volumes of food that may take a long time to consume. You might as well start as soon as possible so as not to lose anything. Also avoid continuing to fill it with foods that you will not consume in the days that follow. Movers are not allowed to transport food, so your freezer will need to be emptied and defrosted before being transported.

Anticipate certain administrative procedures:

Certain formalities related to the move must be carried out as soon as possible such as:

  • enrolling children in a nursery or a new school;
  • or the resignation of a company if one of the two spouses must leave his post to follow the other.

If you decide to hire a professional for your move, you must choose your provider to set the date of the move as soon as possible.

Concretely prepare the move:

Make the boxes

prepare your boxes. A word of advice: start with the things that you will not need by D-Day. This will prevent you from having to open the boxes to take back personal effects.

Be careful not to overfill the boxes, especially if they are heavy objects, and protect fragile objects with bubble wrap. When a box is full, also take care to note what it contains on the side to find your way more easily when unpacking.

Contact your energy suppliers

In the event of a move, you cannot transfer your contracts to another address. You must close them and leave with new contracts at your new address. It is therefore best to plan ahead to organize these changes and be sure to have electricity or gas when the time comes.

Set a moving date and find help

If you entrust the move to a professional mover, it is possible that you have already set the date of intervention. Be sure to confirm some time in advance to ensure the schedule. If you are moving with the help of your loved ones, contact them a little in advance to be sure of their availability on the day.

Undertake the final preparations before departure:

If you are a tenant, it’s time to make an appointment for the apartment check-out. You must also contact the municipal services to reserve a parking space near your place of residence.

Report your change of address:

You must contact the administrations one week in advance to inform them of your upcoming move. The transfer of your mail must also be carried out with the Post office.

The last storage:

Remember to empty and unplug the fridge the day before to defrost it. The dishes from the last day must also be put in cardboard boxes for their removal the next day. Also prepare your papers and keys to be completely ready when you get out of bed.

Fighting action!

All you have to do is do the final cleaning before loading and transporting the furniture and boxes. Remember to read the water, electricity and gas meters before leaving the accommodation. The indexes will be requested from you by your suppliers for the closing of contracts.

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