Hugh Jackman Presents Biopsy Replace: “Outcomes Had been Inconclusive” | leisure

Hugh Jackman’s most recent biopsy result is “inconclusive”.

The 52-year-old actor, who has been treated six times for skin cancer in the past, underwent minor medical procedures after his “amazing” dermatologists discovered something “irregular” on his nose earlier this week.

And on Sunday (08/08/21) he announced that his test results had come back, but they are inconclusive because the doctors did not go “deep” enough.

Hugh – who now needs to be retested – insisted, however, that he shouldn’t be concerned about the eventual result as he was assured by medical professionals that the worst case scenario would be Basel cell carcinoma, which “is not threatening”.

In a new Instagram video, he said, “Firstly, thank you everyone for your incredible support. I got so much support for the biopsy I just had.

“I promised to keep you updated. It actually came back with no results, which means they didn’t take enough because I’m about to start filming so we didn’t want to go too deep.

“You don’t worry. What came back didn’t worry them. If it is anything at all, it is Basel cell carcinoma that is not threatening, but needs treatment. “

The ‘Reminiscence’ star will have a second biopsy when he finishes filming in a few months.

Hugh also encouraged people to have regular “skin checks” and “wear sunscreen” to protect their own skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

He wrote alongside his video: “Update on my biopsy: It’s a comeback that is ‘inconclusive’. That means they didn’t take enough. The worst it can be, however, is Basel cell carcinoma (BCC).

“So when I’m done filming I’ll have it checked again. I know I am repeating myself and I probably won’t stop… please do a skin check and wear sunscreen. Thank you everyone for so much support. I see your comments and stories. If I use this post to remind a person to see their dermatologist, I’ll be happy. (sic) “

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