IJEST, Main Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab and Tutorial Journal Merges with Epimodels, a Illness Modelling Software program

Aims to Strengthen its Publishing Prowess in Statistical and Epidemiological Studies

IJEST, a leading pharmaceutical research lab and an academic journal, has merged with Epimodels, a sophisticated disease modeling software. This merger is both a significant milestone and a strategic move for IJEST as it gives them immense opportunities to advance in environmental and health research, enhance its scope and capabilities in cutting-edge laboratory research, and make a strong presence in statistical and epidemiological studies.

Epimodels is a robust platform backed by advanced algorithms and broad spectrum data analysis tools, all of which play a pivotal role in epidemiological research and disease modeling. The software helps researchers simulate and analyze how environmental factors influence disease dynamics. Researchers also gain invaluable insights into how pharmaceutical drugs respond to environmental conditions. Apart from the ability to model and forecast disease patterns, the software also helps test the drug efficacy in varied ecological settings; leading to crucial findings in the ever-changing global environment and the varied health challenges that keep cropping up occasionally.

IJEST - Pharmaceutical Research Lab

Incorporating Epimodels in IJEST’S research enables researchers to conduct simulations in numbers like never before. The new pharmaceutical drugs are also tested for effectiveness in a virtual and controlled environment thereby fast-tracking the drug discovery process with great precision. Researchers can predict drug behavior better and understand the possible side effects. IJEST believes that this merger with Epimodels will allow them to pioneer their research in drug development whilst contributing immensely towards the betterment of pharmaceutical sciences.

From the publishing standpoint, the acquisition will give IJEST the added advantage of publishing the most innovative and breakthrough research in epidemiology. The journal will now be able to provide its contributors with advanced modeling tools that will help them produce quality in-depth research. The content thus created with the help of Epimodels will help provide accurate analysis of disease patterns, details of drug interactions, and different environmental impacts on health.

IJEST can now bridge the gap between pharmaceutical research, statistical analysis, and environmental science. The journal can also facilitate collaborations to promote exchanging ideas and methodologies in various disciplines. IJEST conducts its own research in-house in Nootropics, Adaptogens, Neuropeptides, Learning and Memory Enhancement, Brain Cell Health and Development and Immune System Function. Apart from publishing papers on commonly used supplements and nutraceuticals, IJEST also routinely publishes works by various authors from the above fields.

To learn more visit https://www.ijest.org/epimodels-merger-acquisition/


IJEST, The International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, established in 2004 is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Springer Science + Business Media. The journal covers topics from environmental science, technology, engineering, and management. Serving as a repository for cutting-edge research in science, IJEST is also a full-suite pharmaceutical research and lab testing company. They offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic and development tests to help clients achieve their goals in drug discovery, product development, and clinical research.




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