In Movement Bodily Remedy Gives Movement Video Evaluation

The leading physical therapy center in Chicago helps identify movement dysfunction and avoid injuries due to running.

In Motion Physical Therapy, the top physical therapy center in Chicago, is now offering motion video analysis that brings a cutting-edge advantage to patients who might be struggling because of movement dysfunction or want to avoid injuries due to running.

Since its inception, In Motion Physical Therapy has raised the bar for services for athletes, tennis players, and individuals focused on weight loss. That is why it has been known as the best sports therapy center that people can rely on when recovering from injuries or want to avoid future issues. The small clinic based in Lincoln Park, Chicago, has earned the trust of its patients by focusing on one-on-one care.

In Motion Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services and helps patients return to regular routines.
In Motion Physical Therapy

“Our certified physical therapists understand that all sports injuries are different, and so are fitness goals people have for themselves. Through an initial consultation, they take the time and effort to understand what our patients want. They will then offer people sessions and solutions that are best suited to their requirements and goals as well,” said a representative for the center.

And that is how In Motion Physical Therapy has made its mark with patients in Chicago and surrounding areas. The sterling reviews it has received testify to the quality of services it provides. It is interesting to note that no MD referral is necessary to avail of the services that can help people get back to the activities they love sooner rather than later and stay on top of their health concerns.

Besides physical therapy, the center offers a wide range of services, including tennis rehabilitation, therapeutic weight loss, in-home treatment, and return to running. It works with young and adult athletes, busy moms and dads, sedentary teens and adults, active older patients, post-op patients, etc., offering each the personalized care they deserve. At the same time, it incorporates new-age technologies to provide patients with exceptional benefits.

“At In Motion Physical Therapy, our goal is to respond to patients with unique and evolving requirements through a combination of thoughtful, personalized care and the use of the latest technologies. That’s why we are offering video motion analysis for anyone who wants to avoid running injury, wants to get relief from issues caused by movement dysfunction, and more,” said a representative for the clinic.

Those struggling to get back on their feet after surgery or injury can benefit from gait analysis, which is part of the video motion analysis. It identifies any issues caused by movement dysfunction that leads to pain. Certified physical therapists working with the center also use a systematic process to analyze one’s running technique in slow motion and real time before offering feedback to help them reach their goals.

Scapular dyskinesis is often the cause of shoulder pain among patients. The condition is seen in tennis players and those with rotator cuff dysfunction. By analyzing the videos, In Motion Physical Therapy therapists can identify which muscles need to be strengthened to restore proper movement patterns.

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About In Motion Physical Therapy

In Motion Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services and helps patients return to regular routines. Athletes looking to return to their favorite sports, teens and adults seeking to lose weight, busy parents looking to improve their body mobility to keep up with their children’s busy schedules, post-op patients on the road to recovery, and elderly citizens looking to return to their previously active lifestyles can all benefit from In Motion Physical Therapy’s services. The center is led by Dr. Lauren Schnidman, a doctor of physical therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University and an avid sportsman and outdoor activity enthusiast. The services provided at In Motion Physical Therapy are designed to help patients return to their routine activities as soon as possible.


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