Increased Schooling Stakeholder Engagement Throughout The Transition to Digital Evaluation Shared by Inspera Digital Evaluation

Inspera benefits all institution stakeholders – the company’s experts provide tips for stakeholder engagement which helps with a transition to digital assessment.

Moving to an online test proctoring platform is a significant decision. While it does streamline the process greatly, it is essential to ensure that all stakeholders across an institution are on board with a online digital testing system. However, like any other process, people will understandably have questions, especially about how they are expected to work. Fortunately, Inspera Digital Assessment has some tips for stakeholder engagement that should help institution faculty, staff and administration transition by keeping everyone “in the know”.

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Many institutions today are using traditional pen and paper to deliver assessments. Some are transitioning to a VLE (virtual learning environment). Others may be using a combination of both methods. Regardless of where an institutions is in its journey, transitioning to a digital assessment platform can be an exciting yet complex process. However, this is a rare opportunity to modernize the existing process, develop a more authentic series of evaluations, and improve students’ experience taking the test.

The great thing about digital online testing is that it only requires a little effort to administer it like a regular test. Unlike pen and paper, there is no need to check every paper individually because the system can check the answers against a database of the right ones. Thus, results can be offered instantaneously.

According to the experts at Inspera, the most effective positive tip for institution stakeholder engagement is through a positive demonstration of the platform. Stakeholders should be briefed on the advantages of moving to an online exam proctoring system. However, effective messaging is essential. Those spearheading the move should think about the best way to reach stakeholders, like via meetings, a dedicated chat form, web pages, and videos. Furthermore, even all the mediums listed can be used to ensure that the message reaches everyone regardless of how they prefer to communicate.

The good thing about digital assessment platforms like Inspera is that they also provide comprehensive training to the team. This means that stakeholders can learn directly from trainers who genuinely understand the software inside and outside while exploring all its possibilities.

Inspera also advises that the transition to digital assessment may be a significant adjustment, but every stakeholder’s priority should be considered. In some cases, the approach can be easier said than done, but it is essential to ensure that everyone involved or who should be is onboard with the decision.

An Inspera representative explained further how the company can help stakeholders transition to the world of digital assessment, It starts with listening to any digital exam strategies the institution has in motion and then further identifying the pain points for stakeholders. With that knowledge, we begin to match up our solution’s features and processes to address how we can improve the exam experience. Transitioning to a digital assessment platform can be overwhelming, however Inspera Assessment often offers an efficient, cost-effective, unbiased solution to a stakeholders needs.”

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