Inhabitants Well being provides behavioral well being providers to the platform by means of partnership with Thriveworks

OVERLANDPARK, Kan .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – SelectQuote, Inc. (NYSE: SLQT) continues to leverage its robust business with Medicare customers to take advantage of Population Health. That’s why the platform has entered into a new partnership with Thriveworks, a leading mental health provider, to provide nationwide behavioral health and drug management services both virtually and in person.

“As we continue to grow SelectQuote’s Medicare business, Population Health will become a popular platform for customers as it brings many of the different services they’ve expressed their needs for over the years in one place. It also enables SelectQuote to deepen its relationship with Medicare customers, ”said Bob Grant, president of SelectQuote’s senior division. “The ability to add a company like Thriveworks enhances our population health platform to help seniors meet all of their health needs, from basic care to behavioral health to drug management and adherence.”

Approximately 46% of current Population Health members have identified a need for behavioral health services based on the thousands of Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) that Customer Success Agents (CSAs) have conducted since inception. To help members meet this important area of ​​need, SelectQuote sought out market-leading behavioral health organizations to collaborate and align with. This partnership provides Population Health members with access to world-class behavioral health and drug management services from Thriveworks, virtually and in over 300 locations.

“Our mission is to help people live happy and prosperous lives. Our partnership with SelectQuote’s Population Health will expand Thriveworks’ ability to deliver quality care to people how and where they want it, ”said David Drap, SVP of Employer Partnerships at Thriveworks.

Population Health’s platform currently includes partners in value-based primary care, transportation of non-emergency medical appointments, behavioral health and wellness, home care and prescription medication through an in-house drug management pharmacy, SelectRx.

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About SelectQuote:

Founded in 1985, SelectQuote (NYSE: SLQT) offers solutions that help consumers protect their most precious assets: their family, their health, and their property. SelectQuote pioneered the model of providing unbiased comparisons from multiple, highly rated insurance companies, allowing consumers to choose the policy and terms that best suit their individual needs. Two cornerstones underpin the company’s success: a strong force of highly skilled and skilled agents who provide an advisory needs analysis for every consumer, and proprietary technology that generates and routes high quality leads. SelectQuote has three core business areas: SelectQuote Senior, SelectQuote Life and SelectQuote Auto and Home. SelectQuote Senior, the largest and fastest growing company, has a range of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans to meet the needs of a population where 10,000 people turn 65 every day. In 2021, SelectQuote added Population Health, a healthcare services company, and SelectRx, a specialty drug management pharmacy.

About Thriveworks:

Founded in 2008 by AJ Centore PhD, Thriveworks is a leading mental health provider. With a mission to help people live happy and prosperous lives, Thriveworks makes quality counseling and mental health services accessible and affordable. Thriveworks licensed physicians are networked with large insurance plans and provide personal and online care for depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, relationship problems and more. Learn more at

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